We Stand With Israel Parade In Beverly Hills

Hundreds of Israelis gathered in Beverly Hills today to stand with Israel to support the anti-Semitism and attacks of Palestine against Israel recently conducted with a firing of multiple bombs.

A strong and united community of Jewish Israelis reside in Beverly Hills and today came together as one to support the long-standing covenant of God that Jerusalem and Israel belongs to the people of God, the Jews.

We Stand With Israel Parade in Beverly Hills

Shouts of rejoicing and honking of horns symbolizes the solidarity of the people of God all around the world standing with Israel, the Holy Land.

The God of Israel does not sleep or slumber. He will always, and has always protected his people. His word does not return void and He has promised the land of Jerusalem to His people and the returning King of Israel, Jesus Christ. The LORD Jesus will sit upon the throne in Jerusalem and rule over all the kingdoms of the earth. This world will know peace during His thousand year reign.

We Stand With Israel Parade in Beverly Hills

This day marks one of many celebrations of the Jewish people who though their enemies rise against them they shall flee in seven directions.

For the Lord is the wall of fire around about us and the glory in their midst. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. For the Lord in our midst is mighty and terrible. Who has come against Him and not been harmed?

Woe to the enemies of God. Woe to the enemies of Israel. The Lord God stands and rises against those who rise against His people and His land. We praise the Lord and we stand with Israel.

We Stand With Israel Parade in Beverly Hills

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