Want To Try On Make-Up Products Before You Buy Them?

Here are 5 Brands That Offer Virtual Try-On
Want To Try On Make-Up Products Before You Buy Them? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #make-upproducts #benefitscosmeticsaims #virtualmakeuptesting #makeoverproducts
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Yes, you read the title right! You can try makeup products on yourself before you make a purchase. And you don’t need to visit the store itself, rather you can simply try the products virtually.

The thing about buying stuff online is that there is no way to know how the product will seem in real life. That’s why we often make the mistake of purchasing items online and then deciding that it wasn’t such a good idea to make the purchase.

But no more of this! That’s where virtual try-on comes in to save your effort and costs. It works as suggested by the name; you can virtually try on stuff before making purchases!

In this article, we’ll list 5 brands that are offering the option of virtually trying on products before you buy them.

Before we go ahead, don’t forget to get the most important component i.e. a working internet. Since you’ll be visiting those brand platforms on the web, you need to stay online to virtually try out different products. On that note, go for Xfinity Internet for reliable connectivity at affordable rates and 24/7 customer service through the Xfinity Phone Number. An internet connection will help you to stay connected and keep trying out products virtually.

Moving on, let’s check out the 10 brands that are offering virtual try-on experiences on their platforms before you purchase them;

Garnier Virtual Shade Selector

Are you in the habit of constantly trying out different hair colors and then finally going for the one that suits you best?

How about, instead of going through this hassle, you try out the Garnier Virtual Shade Selector? If you are wondering what hair color would suit you best, take the Shade Selector quiz first which takes around 1 minute to complete. By the end of this quiz, Garnier will help you find the right shade for your hair.

After you have found the right shade as suggested by Garnier, you can then try that hair color on virtually; turn on your phone camera and on the screen, you can see how the hair color looks on you.

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Try-On

We all seem to have plucking experiences that always end in tears; we either get it too thin or – in worst-case scenarios – missing eyebrows.

That’s what Benefit Cosmetics aims to help with; it developed an AR tool, Brow Try-On, where you can try out different brow styles on your face. The tool works by detecting your eyebrow hairs and then duplicating them for the one that suits your face best.

You can check out how many factors of having eyebrows play a huge part in giving your face a look i.e. different shades, arches, thickness, definition, and placement.

You don’t need to download an app; just go to the website and choose a photo or turn on the camera and let the tool detect your eyebrows and help you go for the one that looks perfect on you.

Maybelline New York Virtual Try-On

Maybelline has also introduced a virtual try-on for you to try their products!

There are five different tools i.e. virtual makeup testing, foundation shade finder, fit me finder, mascara quiz (to find the right one for you), babbling quiz, and shadow block quiz (to find the right shade for your eyes).

These tools are meant to help you find the right Maybelline products for your makeover. This virtual try-on is incredibly useful for those who find it hard to narrow down items from so many different options!

Redken Virtual Hue Finder

Whether you want to cover up your unwanted roots or fading color in your hair, we know you are eager to make a good change to them.

Redken has a virtual hair color tool that allows you to find the perfect hue that matches your lock. You can even have a digital consultation with the Redken team.

On their virtual try-on page, upload an image of yourself or turn on the camera. Then choose a color palette, anything that you prefer. You’ll be blown away by multiple options of hues, and will eventually choose the right one!

Essie Try On

Deciding on the perfect nail color to choose is a real anxiety-inducing struggle,

The Essie Virtual Try-On tool asks a couple of questions before you can start applying nail color i.e. the color of your skin and the shape of your hand nails. Once you have chosen the options that best suit you, the tool will show an AI-generated hand where you can apply nail colors virtually.

Next, you have multiple options to choose from: Essie products to choose from, different colors to try on, Essie collections to check out, giving finishing touches to the nail color you applied, and trying out nail art.

With Essie’s Virtual Try-On, you can now choose the right color and then make the purchase.

Wrapping Up

No longer will you be having second thoughts about your makeup and hair products, because the virtual try-on online tool being offered by many popular brands makes it easy for you to choose the best option.

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