Walking or Running Shoes? A Beginner’s Guide

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Walking is a natural movement, and one of the first things we learn to do as humans. Despite this, many people don’t do it correctly, which leaves them riddled with aches and pains they can’t explain, but which more often than not comes down to the incorrect footwear for the job. In this article, I would like to debunk some of the most destructive misconceptions people hold about shoes.

One is not like the other

Although many people believe that a shoe is just something to cover their feet with, and that one is as good as the next, this view is incorrect. Similarly, people are often of the opinion that because walking and running result in similar movement, the footwear for the two are interchangeable. Here’s why these beliefs are incorrect.

You don’t have to look cool

Regular walkers or people who spend a lot of time on their feet, like pharmacists or nursing staff will understand when I say that comfort beats cool-looking in the search for the perfect walking shoes. Look at your feet as your wheels, and a foot injury as a flat. If you don’t take care of them properly, you are at great risk of something going wrong and getting hurt. A supportive and solid pair of shoes will beat a cute pair many times over when it comes to the crunch.

Remember when you found that trusted old pair of Nike shoes for sale? How they moulded around your feet, providing perfect cushioning, and the way your feet never hurt when you wore them? This is where the importance of replacing worn-out shoes comes in. If the shoes are no longer able to serve you in the way they were intended, they need to be replaced by a pair that can.

Pressure points

The ideal pair of replacement shoes should be light and offer adequate padding, without restricting blood flow. The good news is that technology has brought us to a place where it’s possible to find a good pair of Nike shoes for sale that happens to tick all the boxes, but still, look good! Always opt for form over function, though.

Because running creates a certain amount of impact on the joints, it is important to pick shoes with a sole that is solid enough to absorb the jolt. Additionally, they should be light and well-ventilated to ensure good thermal regulation, while providing resistance again premature wearing and tearing. If you are suffering from back pain and searching for walking shoes for back pain so you could look at this brand thecrossfitshoes.

Although this can all seem quite overwhelming to take in, take heart to the fact that most shoes available on the market today can broadly be considered as being of decent quality. This development can make it a lot easier to find shoes that fall within your budget range. Prefer to splash out and spend? If it is within your means to invest in a pair of shoes, go for gold and get the best quality you can afford. The only caveat? Make sure you still do your research and spend your money on the right shoes for your needs!

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