Waikiki The Label: Women’s Style And Swimwear

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Waikiki the Label: Mirah Suit

About Waikiki the Label:

Waikiki the Label is a sustainable high-end swimwear and athleisure brand. Founded in 2018, the brand’s vision is to make women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Moreover, the pieces have a timeless design so wearing it will never be out of fashion. The swim and athleisure wear are of recycled fabric so it is not only durable but also sustainable. Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle are just among the few prestigious magazines that have featured Waikiki the Label. Let is now look at 5 gorgeous designs from the brand.

Micah Suit (Pictured Above):

The first swimwear we present to you is this sophisticated Micah suit in terracotta. Made of super soft Italian shiny fabric, it has a silky feel and extra stretch. Furthermore, it features a moderate coverage, double lining, a cute playful bow strap in the front attaching a peepchole in the middle of the chest and a great back exposure. This suit is perfect for the more conservative types. I can imagine this paired with a huge strawhat, cat’s eyeglasses and flipflops in your favorite summer island.

Mila Top:

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The second swimwear we feature is this minimalist Mila top in velvet Scuro. Made of soft Italian velvet fabric, it gives extra softness on the skin. It comes in 2 other colors namely rib Olive and desert. Moreover, it features adjustable straps, brass hardware, and double lining. It is also best paired with this dangerously low and sexy Mirra bottom which is reversible and has a snake pattern on one end. This bikini is perfect for swim or watersport like beach volleyball, diving and surfing; and it gives you that timeless and classic feel.

Mia Top:

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The third piece we have here is this versatile Mia top in Melrose. Made of super soft and shiny Italian fabric, this sure has a great texture and comfortable fit. Furthermore, it features double lining, padding and a strapless and/or necktie that features different varying styles to have your top. What you’re seeing now is just one style, it can be designed to different more. This is a nice and versatile top as it gives you so much options to wear it. You will not get sick of it and it is sustainable as well! Best paired with the Melrose bottom.

Veronique Suit:Waikiki the label swimsuits beverly hills magazine 4 #fashion #shop #style #Waikikithelabel #swimwear #swimsuit #bikini #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

The fourth swimwear design we show you here is this minimalist yet classy Veronique suit in fern green. Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, it is hugs your form perfectly without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, it features adjustable straps, a cute ruffled middle detail, and double layered fabric. We can imagine this swimwear in a pool party or a beach getaway. Perfect for those who want maximum coverage but still want to look sexy.

Dafne Bottom:

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The fifth and last piece we present to you here is this super cute high waisted Dafne bottom in purple. Made of super soft Italian fabric, it also has a silky feel and an amazing texture. It features no hardware, double lining, shiny material and high waist. Furthermore, it is best paired with the Lily-Rose top in purple. This is the perfect bikini bottom for mothers and anyone experiencing post-partum body. It is a mixture of sexy yet still modest!

To summarize, we looked at 5 gorgeous high-end swimwear from Waikiki the Label. What are you waiting for? Get your own sustainable and long-lasting piece now. To see other amazing swimwear designs we have featured, click here.

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