Vehicle Ownership Transfer in Hawaii: What You Need to Know

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Buying a pre-owned or second-hand car doesn’t stop by handing down the purchase price to the seller. Sure, some dealers will allow you to drive the car right away; however, this also the time where the transfer of ownership shall take place. As such, you should not take this situation very lightly.

Transferring ownership enables title holders to acquire, possess, use, and transfer the property. It is an asset and a good investment. Without such, you cannot enjoy your vehicle as you should be. Read on to know how you can transfer your vehicle ownership.


As a seller, the first thing you should do is complete the odometer reading. The odometer reading is important as it informs consumers of the correct record of the vehicle’s mileage. Such information affects the retail value of the car.

While you can disclose the odometer reading at the back of the new title, you can also get a certificate to fill in You just need to fill in the certificate of your name in printed form and sign on them.

Further, you need to sign in the Notice of Transfer form. Within 10 days after the sale or transfer, you have to submit the form at Satellite City Hall. This is a mandatory requirement as it protects you, the seller, to avoid fees and further fees after the sale. Keep a copy of the form as it contains important information such as the date of transfer and the new owner.

You can sell your older vehicle in favor of a luxury one


In Section D, at the back of the title, the buyer or the new owner shall write their name in printed form. He shall sign on them and put his address. If you are a lienholder, you shall sign up on Section E found on the back of the title.

After signing the form, the new register owner shall visit the Satellite City Hall. You shall bring the completed certificate of title, certificate of registration, and the certificate of Hawaii vehicle inspection. If you are a non-resident active military member, you shall submit a Certificate of Non-Residency. You can get them at your military personnel or military unit.

Transferring vehicle ownership from Hawaii county or another state to Hawaii

If your vehicle is coming from another place other than Hawaii, you need to visit the Satellite City Hall for registration. You must register the vehicle by completing the County and City of Honolulu registration form. Thereafter, you shall submit the following certificates:

l Last issued Certificate of Registration of the vehicle

l Completed Certificate of Title from the place of origin of the vehicle

l Bill of Sale, if the certificate of title is not issued by the previous owner. Take note that it shall be properly notarized.

l If the certificate of title has a recorded lienholder, a lien satisfaction letter indicating that the latter has released their interest must be provided. You can also provide the original canceled contract indicating the stamp “PAID IN FULL.”

l Current Hawaii Certificate of Vehicle Inspection

l Bill of lading or shipping certificate showing the vehicle’s entry in Honolulu

l Completed non-resident certificate if a non-resident active member of the military.

The vehicle needs to be weighed for shipping. If the manufacturer does not provide the shipping weight, you need to weigh the vehicle at Hawaii State-certified sale. Take note that you will pay the required taxes at the Satellite City Hall.

Transferring vehicle ownership upon the death of the registered owner

If you jointly own the vehicle, fill in the odometer reading found in section A of the certificate of title. Fill in the date, your name in printed form, and your signature. Indicate the deceased name, address, and signature on Section D of the certificate.

After you complete the foregoing instruction, you need to submit the certificate to the Satellite City Hall. You shall also bring the following documents to the Satellite City Hall:

l The Joint Certificate of Registration (preferably last issued certificate)

l Latest Hawaii Certificate of Vehicle Inspection

l Death Certificate of the deceased owner

l Non-resident certificate from the military personnel or unit, if you are a non-resident active member of the military in Hawaii.

If the vehicle is solely registered under the name of the deceased person, you shall visit the Satellite City Hall for further instruction. You can also visit the Satellite City Hall website for more information.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle registration is a legal necessity, especially when shipping car to Hawaii. It is a notification to the state that you are the owner of the vehicle and you have paid the required taxes. It secures your right over the property. In all states, it is prohibited to drive a vehicle without valid registration. To determine that the vehicle is not registered, you just need to check if the vehicle has a plate number.

If you are the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle must be registered under your name. A vehicle is an asset and should you wish to sell them, you would need the certificate of registration. Without such, you have no right to transfer ownership or sell them to anyone, more so do auto transport hawaii.

Moreover, registration also helps in transportation-related accidents. The authorities could easily identify the owner of the vehicle through the registration number. Should you meet an accident and your identity could not be identified, the authorities or bystanders can easily contact your relatives about your whereabouts. It is easy to settle claims harmoniously in this way.

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