Vaishali Lambe: Stereotype Breaker

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

Vaishali Lambe came to America in 2016 with the dream of becoming successful in her field. Yet, in spite of her long struggle back in India where girls are not seen to be honor in any working culture, she broke the traditional Indian norms about women working in the education and science field by winning a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from an Indian Government Collage in 2008l. She later earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA, in 2018. 

You might be thinking, “What traditional norms has she broken? What is the so-called decisions she has taken which has changed her life? She has taken a strong move. However, in India, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering are believed to be men’s fields. When women in India go to college, they are expected to go into medicine or teaching– not engineering. 

Lisha broke this stereotype by studying mechanical engineering and planning for her higher studies while working in the biggest IT Company in India at the time– Infosys. She first joined the company as a software engineer in 2008. She later got promoted to senior software engineer in 2010. In 2014, she got her second promotion as a technology analyst and then decided to pursue her further higher studies after 8 years of experience.

Currently, she is working as a project manager at UBS global financial institute(Bank). Her main skills come into play in the topics of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. 

Apart from her job, she runs her YouTube Channel called “Passion, People & Purpose” where she takes interviews with leaders from different fields to help students and professionals who want to grow in their respective fields. You can also listen to her podcast which is available on different platforms like Apple, Overcast, Spotify, Google, Anchor, Pocket, Breaker, and Public Radio with the hashtag #SoLeadSaturday. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: So, tell me about your family background. We came to know that your father is a farmer.

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: In India, 68% of families are either directly or indirectly connected to farming. Yes, my father is a farmer and my grandfather was also a farmer. I’m so proud to be from a farming family. Whenever this comes to my mind that how far I came from a farming background to these big IT companies where I’m now working as a project manager. 

Sometimes it feels to me as not real– it’s like a dream which has come true. In my family, my parents and my older siblings have supported me in every way; they not only encourage me to study but also told me that education is the only key that can open any lock. So, study hard and study smart.  I was born in a family, where my grandparents wanted one more son when my brother was born after three girls. And then here I am the fifth child. Once a girl, now a quite wise woman.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are the challenges you faced while you were studying? 

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: I didn’t face any challenges. From the beginning, I was a bright student. Due to my family’s support, I didn’t face any family trouble either. My relatives used to object to my higher studies, but my family used to answer them;  every time they would make sure that none of my relatives talked to me about my studies [in a negative way]. Now, my extended family is proud of me too. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: What brings you to data science, AI technology, and the blockchain field?

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: In the 8th grade I had my first contact with the internet and computers. I was really surprised that this small computer had all the information from around the world. My curiosity grew and I wanted to know how a computer works. Then it just became a habit to learn the newest and latest technology trends.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How many professional leadership interviews have you taken so far? What do you hope to accomplish from doing these interviews? 

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: I have taken more than 85 professionals and leadership interviews from different fields. My main intention is to help students and professionals who are about to start their careers or want to grow in their current careers. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your thought about women’s empowerment? 

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: My thinking is that women’s empowerment is crucial if society or a country is to grow. It’s important that we mobilize women around the world. Only a woman can understand a woman perfectly; I would urge all successful women to support women’s empowerment. 

Beverly Hills Magazine: I would like to extend the gratitude from all our Beverly Hills Magazine team, and best of luck for your future. 

Vaishali Lambe [Lisha]: Thank you and I appreciate it.

Hannah Foreman
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