Ustawi: True Beauty for Melanin-Rich Skin

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Ustawi: Radiance Bi Gel Serum

About Ustawi:

Ustawi is a black and female owned skincare brand which caters to skin that is melanin rich. Natacha Paugam, its founder whose roots are from Africa, wanted to come up with a line that helps black women. Furthermore, she reconnected with old family recipes kept by her mother, combining local natural ingredients, and practices that enhance total wellbeing. She then went ahead and transferred this newfound knowledge back in her current residence, France, working alongside certified board dermatologists, scientists and researchers to come up with the best skincare formula for those with darker shades of skin. Let us now look at 5 best-selling products from the line.

Radiance Bi Gel Serum (Pictured Above):

The first skincare product we present to you is the Vitamin C packed Radiance Bi gel serum. Made with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Boabab fruit and Organic Myrtle leaf, this sure will nourish, regenerate. Furthermore, it will brighten and detoxify your skin. This is not your ordinary Vitamic C gel, it is gentle on the skin, and helps to reduce irritation. Moreover, the serum is a unique oil and water bi-gel texture that delivers a light and silky sensation to even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, it is also packed with antioxidant ingredients such as Licorice root and acts like an anti-pollution skin barrier. Use it for mornings and evenings!

Glow Protection and Shielding Mist:

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The second beauty product we feature to you here is this very handy Glow protection and shielding mist. Made of bamboo water, Boabab fruit, organic myrtle leaf and pollustop, it is moisturizing and nourishing. Not to mention, detoxifying and protecting to the skin. This is so handy to put in your purse after a stressful afternoon. It refreshes and softens your skin for a naturally dewy finish. Furthermore, this anti-pollution skin barrier mist acts as a shield against environmental pollutants (92.5% blocked in a day’s use). Get rid of the hyper-pigmentation and skin irritation with this great purchase!

3 In 1 Illuminating Micellar Cleansing Gel:
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The third skincare product we have here is this versatile and compact 3 in 1 Illuminating micellar cleansing gel. Made of organic myrtle leaf, micelles, Boabab fruit and pollustop, this product sure cleanses, detoxifies, nourishes and protects. More importantly it acts as a unique illuminating gel makeup remover. Moreover, it lifts away dirt, makeup, and excess oil, all in just a few swipes without harsh rubbing. It also leaves your skin feeling relaxed with the eucalyptus oil. It clears away dullness too. Perfect for daily use, to leave your skin looking fresh and healthy, no matter your skin type.

Dark Spot Correcting Serum:

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The fourth product we show you here is handy and amazing Dark spot correcting serum. Made of Niacinamide, EGCG Green tea, Boabab fruit, and licorice extract root, this sure has a lot of antioxidants. Furthermore, it has unifying, nourishing and and regenerating elements to make your skin tone even. This helps to reduce dark spots by gently fading them away and works to minimize and prevent new hyperpigmentation. The results are a more luminous and even toned skin in just a few weeks!

Hydrating and Skin Protecting Toner:

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The fifth and last product we present to you is this beauty staple Hydrating and skin protecting toner. Made of red algae, organic myrtle leaf, Hesperedin and Boabab fruit which hydrates, detoxifies, brightens and nourishes skin. We all need to tone our skin to keep it young and fresh looking. Furthermore, it detoxifies and protects with a silky second-skin barrier leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed. Apply this at night before moisturizing for the best results.

There you have 5 amazing science-backed skincare products to give you the healthiest youthful glow. Do not miss out now and visit Ustawi and add these to cart! For more amazing skincare products we featured before click here.
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