Ukrainian IT Expects: Sergey Tokarev from Roosh

Sergey Tokarev from Roosh: Ukrainian IT expects significant prosperity when the war is over
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Since the war started, Ukrainian IT has significantly suffered. After targeting the power infrastructure several times, the country was cut off from any energy source. Although the situation with the power supply has improved a bit, many companies cannot run their businesses properly and are obliged to move their staff and offices abroad. Despite this, Roosh’s Founding Partner Sergey Tokarev notes that Ukrainian IT will make a significant leapfrog in IT development when the war ends.

The full-scale Russian invasion has shaken the Ukrainian economy and every business, in particular the IT segment. As a result, Ukrainian IT is undergoing difficult times and is rearranging its business performance to keep its staff and move forward. Sergey Tokarev notes some challenges Ukrainian IT is going through now and believes these issues will only strengthen the tech sector in Ukraine.

The businessman mentions the challenge pertaining to attracting foreign investors. They are interested in undertaking a business in a safe place. And it is evident that the war increased the risk for IT companies to function in the country. The war has influence negatively the productivity of companies. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the future of Ukrainian IT. But the bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian nation inveil their fearless and strong personality to continue developing this sector. According to Sergey Tokarev, some tendencies are contributing to the Ukrainian IT success when the war is over.

Coming back and switching to IT

In summer, when there was a minimum threat of being attacked, a lot of Ukrainians returned, especially to Kyiv. Unfortunately, many of them lost their homes and jobs. But now they are ready to switch to IT to develop new skills and get profitable work.

In addition, Sergey Tokarev notes that Ukrainians who emigrated back in 1990 – early 2000 might want to come back. Such people are supporting the country now. They are the potential of those willing to rebuild Ukraine’s economy after the war ends.

Along with Ukrainians, many foreigners might come to Ukraine after the victory. This is going to be a good exchange of experience for Ukrainian specialists.

Relocating offices

Regular blackouts have forced IT businesses to relocate employees and open offices in other countries. And a rejected ban on crossing the border for men allows male IT specialists to keep working abroad. Thus, Ukrainian IT representatives find it an only solution to save their businesses and continue investing in Ukrainian IT until the war ends.

Entering the global labor market

The world is passing through a massive layoff. As a result, many American companies are changing their business plan, preferring outsourcing. Sergey Tokarev believes that our IT experts have all chances to take the positions of sacked employees abroad. The tight cooperation and assistance of many foreign companies in Ukraine might solve the issue of unemployment in international companies.

IT in Ukraine is currently undergoing a shortage of qualified engineers (especially hardware) and product managers.

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