Types Of Accessories For Your Lanyard Cardholder

Types Of Accessories For Your Lanyard Cardholder #style #accessories #fashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
Types Of Accessories For Your Lanyard Cardholder #style #accessories #fashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

It may sound a little bit small, but lanyard accessories are important because they help you protect your ID badges and other things you need like a pen so it won’t pull away from you and they’re present upon the time of use. They also hold your ID badge and protects it from the daily wear and tear.

Technically, there are different kinds of lanyard available in the market that you can choose. All of these have on thing in common – its purpose. That said before you go ahead and choose what type of lanyard card holder best suits you, let’s take a look at to some types of lanyard accessories and classification so you can get a clearer vision of its purpose.

Why Do You Need Lanyard Accessories?

Lanyard accessories including lanyard card holders are simply manufactured to be hung around one’s neck so it can carry important things like ID badges for security pass purposes. Some accessories are also developed to add some accent to the lanyard to make it more pleasing and appealing. You need this especially if you are working in any types of office you work to attached your ID and being identified as an employee. To get customized lanyards you can find the best deal at 4inlanyards. It can be a great fashion accessory to hold your credit cards too.

What Are The Different Lanyards Accessories Available?

Lanyard accessories come in different types and sizes. Depending on its purpose, here are the different types of lanyard accessories you can choose from.

Card Holders

Lanyard card holders are the most popular type of lanyard accessory. They are primarily used to protect the ID card and badge holders of every user. They come in two types. One of these is the plastic transparent which you usually see from every person wearing it and the other one which is solid plastic. It also comes in different size where you can choose which will surely fit your needs.

Types Of Accessories For Your Lanyard Cardholder #style #accessories #fashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag


It is a type of lanyard accessory which has a string that can be pulled away at a certain distance. This is usually used to carry ID badges for security pass in which you need to pull it while you are an inch away from the badge detector. It can also be used without a lanyard card holder because it can easily be clipped anywhere in your body.


Clips are a versatile type of lanyard accessories which you can instantly attach to your lanyards. It may either come in crocodile clip, safety clip, or a mobile phone clip.

USB Lanyards

The USB lanyard is one of the most advanced and modernized manufactured lanyard. A simple clip is being added to a particular lanyard area and once it is pulled, a USB drive is being revealed. Bear in mind that USB drive is important because they serve as secure storage of your pertinent files. When you attached it on a lanyard, you can use it easily without going through your things inside your bag.

Your lanyards are important for your daily work operation as this will carry your identity as an employee of a certain company. Choosing the right accessory for your lanyard cardholder will also make it more appealing and completes your daily office style.

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