Turning Ashes to Diamonds for a Unique keepsake

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It can be difficult to let go following the loss of a loved one. Burying them deep underground or storing their ashes in an urn can seem cold and undeserving. Today, you have plenty more options available when it comes to remembering the life of the person you lost. One of the most meaningful and sophisticated choices is to turn their ashes to diamonds.

The Process

All diamonds, both those that form naturally and those made in labs, start off as carbon. Carbon is the second most common element in the human body, making it a great foundation with which to create a quality diamond.

Memorial diamonds are made by extracting the carbon from the cremated remains of a loved one and using this unique material to create a diamond that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

The extracted carbon goes through the same process inside a lab that it would below the Earth’s surface to form a diamond. It’s paired with a diamond growing seed and a combination of high temperatures and intense pressure are applied continuously throughout the growing process.

Several weeks later, a genuine diamond made from the ashes of your loved one is born. This is the same as a rough diamond which is mined underground. After careful cutting and polishing following your requirements, your final memorial diamond is ready.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

One of the best things about turning ashes to diamonds is that you can fully customize what the final diamond looks like. Most mined diamonds that make their way into jewelry stores are transparent. But when you design your own diamond, you can choose between a rainbow of colors.

From mystical yellow-green and dazzling orange-yellow diamonds to fiery deep reds and icy blue diamonds, you can choose a color that both suits your style and reflects the person you want to remember. 

As well as being able to customize the color of your diamond, you can also choose the carat weight and shape. Whether you want a small round-shaped diamond or a large heart-shaped diamond, the versatile customization process allows you to create the perfect keepsake, whatever it may look like.

Wearing Memorial Diamonds

Memorial diamonds are just as versatile as any other kind of diamond and can be worn in just as many ways. Most companies that turn ashes to diamonds stock a range of jewelry settings that your diamond can be placed into.

From simple gold stud earrings and silver solitaire rings to lavish collar necklaces and layered bracelets, there’s a huge range of styles available for diamonds made from ashes. By wearing your diamond in a piece of jewelry, you can keep the memory of your loved one by your side at all times.

Of course, you don’t have to wear your diamond made from ashes if you don’t want to. You can keep the diamond on its own in a safe space and bring it out whenever you want to feel a connection to your loved one. Alternatively, you can have it set into a decoration and place it in your home for everyone to see.

Pet Diamonds

Turning ashes to diamonds isn’t just for human remains. You can turn the cremated ashes from your pet into a diamond, too. Losing a pet can often be just as painful as losing a family member or a friend. By turning your pet’s ashes to diamonds, you can keep them with you long after they’ve passed.

You can create a vibrant orange-yellow diamond to remind you of your fiery ginger cat or a striking blue diamond to reflect the loving eyes of your pet dog. 

An Everlasting Keepsake

While memorial tattoos will fade and photos will get lost over time, a diamond made from ashes will last forever. So even though your loved one’s life on this Earth came to an end, their memory will live on eternally through your unique diamond.

You can pass the diamond on through the family, allowing generation after generation to connect with someone they never got the chance to meet in person. In the same way that any piece of valuable jewelry is a treasured heirloom, a diamond made from the ashes of a long-lost family member will be cherished with the added knowledge that the gem is unlike any other in the world and allows new family members to connect with old family members.

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