Truth Ali releases “Make A Playlist And Go”

Truth Ali releases “Make A Playlist And Go” #music #hiphop #truthali
Truth Ali releases “Make A Playlist And Go” #music #hiphop #truthali

California based Hip-Hop artist Truth Ali releases yet another brilliant joint, “Make A Playlist And Go” following-up on his previous drop titled “Wait A Minute.” 

Inspired by some of the greatest in the game like Eminem, 2Pac and Bob Marley, and often compared to Techn9ne, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes, Truth Ali is a fearless artist who polishes his sound like an athlete would practice the same movement over and over. 

His dazzling technique and unique fast-speed flow make him one of the few rappers out there capable of such performances, and his latest “Make A Playlist And Go” proves that impressively. 

In addition to that, Truth Ali’s music offers a sophisticated combination between the struggle and hustle of his hometown, Bakersfield, with San Diego’s laid-back appeal. 

“Make A Playlist And Go” is one more trophy in Truth Ali’s room of treasures, a song set to attract him massive exposure and success. 

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