Triller X The Bishop Gallery: Live NFT Auction In Miami

Triller X The Bishop Gallery: Live NFT Auction In Miami Beverly Hills Magazine: #bevhillsmag #triller #bishopgallery #NFTauction #basquiat
Triller X The Bishop Gallery: Live NFT Auction In Miami Beverly Hills Magazine: #bevhillsmag #triller #bishopgallery #NFTauction #basquiat

The Bishop Gallery and collectors Alexis Adler and Al Diaz partner with Triller to unveil rare photos of Basquiat as NFTs. Triller’s premier NFT event is poised to be the most exclusive Gallery and NFT destination with the “Our Friend, Jean ” exhibition and historic NFT drops on

They brought you Verzuz, they brought you an iconic creator universe, now they’ll bring you what may JUST be the most defining moment in art history with a first-of-its-kind NFT drop featuring rare photography of the most important Neo-Impressionist artist of the modern time – Jean-Micheal Basquiat.

History will be made on December 3rd, 2021. For the first time ever, rare images of BASQUIAT will be introduced to the blockchain, giving the world a chance to own a piece of what made the art movement of the early 80s New York City so electric. Powered by Triller, his personal moments of “genius at work” will be auctioned, amplifying Basquiat’s digital presence and outreach. This will be a generational bridge linking art enthusiasts across the spectrum and extending interest far into the future.

Order Of Event

Miami, FL., November 19, 2021- Opening on Monday, November 29 through December 4 and located at the new BLK Miami, Triller will upend the event game again. This time at Art Basel with programming to showcase art, music, and now, the explosion of NFT culture.

A significant highlight of the event, and arguably for all of Art Basel, for the FIRST TIME IN MIAMI, the world will see Basquiat, personally and intimately like never before, with the Our Friend, Jean exhibition curated by The Bishop Gallery and hosted by Triller, a trailblazing, AI-powered global platform. Together they will serve up Miami’s finest at this first-ever physical and digital curated experience that will focus on what’s sure to be a historic NFT auction during a week-long art exhibition of the legendary Neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Throughout the week, Triller promises extraordinary experiences. The once in a lifetime event will feature digital and physical auctions, celebrity guest speakers, live painting, surprise NFT drops, pop-ups, integrations, live musical performances, first-look opportunities, gallery exhibits with artists like Cory Van Lew, CryptoPunks, and Punk Me Tender, private walk-throughs, live discussions with Basquiat’s long-time friends, along with exclusive VIP events.

Triller X The Bishop Gallery: Live NFT Auction In Miami Beverly Hills Magazine: #bevhillsmag #triller #bishopgallery #NFTauction #basquiat

Taking place in Wynwood at BLK Studios, located at 2060 NW 1st Ave, Miami, FL, the event will highlight some of the earliest artworks created by America’s Most Influential Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. His record-breaking sales continue to fascinate the world – and remain influential in the cultural sphere as Tiffany & Co. featured Jay Z and Beyonce posing in front of a never-seen-before canvas for their recent advertising campaign.

Starting Monday, November 29, in partnership with The Bishop Gallery, Triller will host the exclusive experience showing works curated by The Bishop Gallery from Jean-Michel Basquiat. These artworks will be on loan from collectors who knew Jean-Michel as friends, including Alexis Adler, Basquiat’s friend, roommate, and Al Diaz, Co-Creator of SAMO©. Their rare photographs collection shines a light on Basquiat’s personal life like never before. They will be sharing their remembrances and untold stories about their friendship with Basquiat throughout the week. Guests can register for an invite for free here:

 Happening on Friday, December 3, Our Friend Jean NFT Auction, is an exclusive event of art, music along with a LIVE NFT AUCTION experience. For the first time, an incredible selection of NFT drops featuring rare and personal photos of Basquiat will be available on the marketplace with exclusive previews and purchase opportunities onsite. In addition to the auction, there will be several central stage moments, a physical donation of an NFT. The Bishop Gallery chose the TrillerNFT marketplace because the Triller platform has been specifically engineered to minimize the minting process’s computing costs and complexities to reduce the carbon footprint effects.

Triller X The Bishop Gallery: Live NFT Auction In Miami Beverly Hills Magazine: #bevhillsmag #triller #bishopgallery #NFTauction #basquiat

This partnership signals Triller’s longstanding tradition to celebrate the disruptors and serve as the catalyst for creativity. The increasing popularity of NFTs proves they are indisputably the art vehicle of the future. The artist Beeple’s sale of his NFT digital collage astounded the world and had global repercussions when it sold for a record-smashing 69 million dollars at Christie’s in March. With this announcement, Triller is poised to be the destination for the most exclusive NFT sales and drops.

After Art Basel, Triller x The Bishop Gallery will present the “Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour,” the exhibition will embark on a tour to eight HBCU (Historically Black Colleges/Universities) schools. The tour will kick off in early 2022 and land in eight cities, where Alexis Adler will appear to share the works from the Alexis Adler Archive, featuring works from Basquiat and potential art donations to the schools.

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