Travel to Thailand. A Dream Destination with Thalassa Tour

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Thailand is one of the favorite destinations in recent years in Southeast Asia. Located between Myanmar to the north and Malaysia to the south, part of its territory is a peninsula, surrounded by small islands. Its capital, Bangkok, is an urban and ultramodern city, yet characterized by quiet communities located near Buddhist temples.

How to travel?

To travel by plane to Thailand it’s normal to have to make a stopover in Italy or another European or Asian country, from where you can reach either of the two airports of the capital: Suvarnabhumi or Duon Muang. The best times of the year to go on a trip to Thailand are usually from November to April (both months included).

Traveling on your own in Thailand can be a real adventure. However, the truth is that you can also miss things, and it can be unsafe in some places for various reasons. Traveling with a travel company that knows the country will always be the best option. Thalassatour is one of the best companies to visit the country, as it specializes in Thailand tours. They can recommend you the best tours according to your interests and advise you on the needs you may have during the trip.

Why travel with Thalassa?

  • It’s a prestigious company with experience that offers guarantees.
  • They’ve a wide range of destinations and tours to suit you.
  • They select the best guides so that your trip is the one you are looking for.
  • They offer very interesting promotions in semi-private tours.

To travel in the interior of the country there are trains or vans or cars. You can also use the ferry in case you want to see the islands. Having a travel company will make your inland travel much more comfortable, faster and safer. Why? Thalassa offers you private buses with scheduled destinations and the best routes.

The roads and streets of Thailand aren’t organized as in Europe, so it will always be safer to have someone specialized to drive for you.

What to do in Thailand?

Relaxation and nature plans

Thailand has many natural paradises where you can find places to relax and landscapes to explore. If you like the beach and crystal clear water you can’t miss Krabi. In addition, the Khai Islands are a group of three very small islands located a few minutes by motor boat from the east coast of Phuket. In this same location is the Bay of Phang Nga. Between this bay and Phuket the landscape is characterized by an unparalleled nature, limestone cliffs and a series of caves under the edges of the islands that can be visited by canoe from tours such as those offered by Thalassa Tour.

Cultural plans

Thailand is characterized by a history and cultural tradition coming from  Buddhism. If you travel to this country its architecture and traditional art will fascinate you both for its aesthetics full of gold leaf, color and grandeur, as well as for its interesting mythology, religious beliefs and spiritual and social customs. On a cultural route you should go to the Royal Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Reclining Buddha, the Temple of Watt Inn or the former royal palace and current Vianmek Mansion.

Gastronomic and leisure plans

Bangkok’s Siam Square is one of the hubs of leisure and gastronomy in the city. If you want to visit Bangkok during the day you’ll find numerous street markets that run through countless streets with stalls where bargaining is the way to buy products. If you go with your guide, it will be easy to know where to go. In Thailand you eat in the street, in fact many houses don’t have a kitchen. The food, in general, is good and you can find dishes at a good price even in the capital. Pad thai is a typical dish that you can find in any street stall.

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