5 Best Destinations in Australia

5 Best Destinations in Australia
5 Best Destinations in Australia

 While most visitors initially think only about Sydney as the only fantastic place to visit in Australia, there are many splendors in this country that cannot be overlooked. For you who are planning the next holiday getaway in this great Island in the Southern Hemisphere, prepare for an amazing adventure by looking at the following list of spectacular destinations in the breathtakingly beautiful Australia.


Melbourne is equally in the same class with Sydney and is a spectacular paradise that is surrounded by endless tourist attractions, eateries, shops, crystal clear waters of the ocean and much more. With more than 4 million residents, it is sometimes hard to imagine that this city had rather unique humble beginnings as a gold town in the 1800s. If you will be staying at any hotel here, don’t fail to jot down in some of the following magnificent attractions: Royal Botanic Gardens, Gold Rush Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Aquarium, Treasury gardens, Old Melbourne Jail and the Gold Treasury Museum in Australia.


If you have enough time while in Land Down Under, don’t hesitate to go to the Northern Territory. It is here that you are going to find the famous historical rich Darwin Town. The French and the Dutch settled here in 1864 and the town has a lot of amazing history on the two major world wars, more so on WWII. The town of Darwin was in fact attacked more than 60 times during the war by the Japanese forces; something only known by a few people. You can use this town to acquire soaking knowledge about the war along with visiting the nearby attractions that include; The Larapinta Trail, Darwin Crocodile Farm and Kakadu National Park.

5 Best Destinations in AustraliaSydney

This is one of the main tourist destinations in Australia and should not miss in your list of places to visit in Australia. There are countless tourist attractions here that should not be ignored. They include: Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Darling HARBOR, Manly Beach and Sydney Olympic Park.

Fraser Island

Have you ever thought of how the largest sand island in the world looks like? Well, if you get a chance of heading to Queensland, then make sure to catch a glimpse of Fraser Island which happens to be the largest. This tropical island covers a huge area stretching to over 125 km off the gorgeous Fraser coast.

Great Barrier Reef

Formed almost 100 centuries ago just after the last Ice age occurred, Great Barrier Reef is among the oldest coral reliefs on earth and also one of the biggest. It stretches hundreds of miles covering an area of more than 130,000 square miles and is in fact among the Wonders of the World’. Besides the amazing coral, there are thousands of different kinds of coral polyps and fishes waiting you also.

If you are really looking forward to enjoy all these spectacles, don’t hesitate to get your Australian Visa in time. Make sure to visit the destinations mentioned above for a breath taking experience in the Land Down Under, the beautiful Australia.

By Jane Roberts

5 Best Destinations in Australia

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