Tractor GPS Systems in Digital Farming

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Tractor GPS systems are the basis of the modern approach in agriculture. With their help, you can achieve excellent results and increase the efficiency of your equipment within 1-2 seasons. During this time, the costs of purchasing precision farming systems will also pay off. For example, brand products will reach self-sufficiency in just such a period.

1.   What Criteria to Follow When Choosing a Tractor GPS System?

What criteria should be followed when choosing a field navigator for your tractor or combine? Here are 3 of them:

  •  Despite the fact that all types of such equipment use GPS signals from satellites, the signal error can be different, depending on whether free public augmentation systems, WAAS or RTK are used to correct it. The last option is the most accurate, and it is he who is necessary for accurate automatic steering of the tractor.
  •  The convenience of the control application is important. To reduce the chances of misuse, the field navigator app should be intuitive.
  •  Ease of installation and maintenance are also important. They allow you to effectively use smart digital farming equipment and reduce the cost of paying for specialist services. Plus, with a simple setup, you can use the same device on different machines.

If we talk about specific brands specializing in smart precision farming, FieldBee meets all three of these criteria.

2.   Benefits of FieldBee Field Navigation Systems

FieldBee today produces special sets of equipment that meet the needs of every digital farming agrarian pro. The basic set is suitable for those whose area covers the signal of a neighboring RTK station. The kit can be easily attached to the tractor and use the high signal accuracy for harvesting without row damage, bedding or sub-surface drip irrigation – procedures that require increased precision in tractor positioning. The kit, which includes not only an RTK receiver but also the station itself, is useful for farmers who cannot use free RTK correction signals from nearby stations. And the proprietary development of the auto steer for tractor will help not only manage routes and collect the necessary information but also reduce the burden on the driver, because automatic control makes it possible to work without constantly holding the steering wheel. The accuracy of this solution reaches incredible 1-3 cm that is the minimum today.

All three FieldBee products meet the most demanding precision farming systems requirements. At the same time, their quick payback also plays into the hands of farmers who want to invest in digital solutions and not lose money.

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