Track Racing Hypercar: The Lamborghini SCV12

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The ongoing covid-19 pandemic disrupted a lot of Motor show events this year. For hypercar enthusiasts, they had to forego the excitement of witnessing the unveiling of cool cars. Likewise, most automakers got affected. Some canceled there scheduled releases while others opted to use online channels. 

But the situation is normalizing and hopefully come summer 2020 Hypercar fans will get to feel the buzz of events like Shanghai Auto Show. If it goes well, it will coincide with the premiere of Lamborghini SCV12, which will hit the track in the summer of 2020. 

For a while, the development of this track-focused Hypercar remained an open secret. The expectation built when Lamborghini released teaser footage back in March. Now, the wait is ending in summer. Where the real Lamborghini SCV12 will excite fans at Imola racetrack.

Track Racing Hypercar: The Lamborghini SCV12 #bevhillmag #trackcar #racingcar #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine#popularcarmagazine #lambo #lamborghini #lamborghiniscv12 #hypercar #sportscar, fastcar #dreamcar #coolcar #luxurycar #cars

The Power Behind the New Lambo Hypercar

Images of the SCV12 are a quicker reminder of 2010 stripped track-only Lamborghini, the Sesto Elemento. But the latest Lambo dream car comes with large rear wings and aggressive aerodynamics. 

According to the Italian manufacturer, aerodynamic on SCV12 generate more downforce than GT3 race cars. Also, the hood has a dual air intake, which allows air to flow through the engine. The front splitter and custom-built fiber rear wing keep the fast car grounded on the racetrack.

The automaker diverged little information on the powertrain behind the new hypercar. But, it’s believed, the Lamborghini SCV12 features the most powerful and naturally aspirated V12 six-cylinder engine. The Italian carmaker claims the dream car supercharge at high-speed thanks to the aerodynamics. Whereas, the total power generated amounts to over 830 hp.

The rear wheels receive power through a sequential six-speed gearbox. Though, this sounds like the V12 version on the Aventador SVJ, which produced 759 hp and sped up a 60mph in 2.6 seconds. It’s not yet clear how fast the SCV12 will speed up on a similar distance. 

The Design Behind the Track Racing Fast Car

The Lamborghini Squadra Corse division is the department tasked with developing this track racing supercar. In recent months, speculation went around that the dream car borrows from the Aventador. When compared, Aventador appears more romantic. But not as fast as the SCV12, plus, the car sits on 19-inch front wheels, and 20-inch rear magnesium rim wrapped with Pirelli rubber.

Alternatively, they have added a lightweight carbon fiber chassis to the model. Hence lowering the weight and increasing the power ratio. Besides, the exterior features are double air intaker, central rib, and vertical fins on the sills. Other bodily designs include the custom-built carbon fiber spoiler and the extended splitter at the front.

Track Racing Hypercar: The Lamborghini SCV12 #bevhillmag #trackcar #racingcar #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine#popularcarmagazine #lambo #lamborghini #lamborghiniscv12 #hypercar #sportscar, fastcar #dreamcar #coolcar #luxurycar #cars

Expected Selling Price

So far, the manufacture has not announced the selling price. But the Italian carmaker reiterated that the hypercar is a limited edition and a track-only model. 

Last Take

The lucky owners will automatically become members of an exclusive club. They will also undergo an advanced driving program on some of the prestigious racing tracks across the world. 

They will receive technical help from the able team of engineers from the Squadra Corse division. The specialized training will be lead by Emanuele Pirro, a five-time winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans. Too, he is the project consultant at Lamborghini Squadra Corse. 

(Images Courtesy of Lamborghini)

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