Top Gift Ideas for A Mom To Be

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Are you planning a baby shower for your best friend? Or maybe a family friend is in the family way. Naturally then, you would want to give her something which she will cherish. The gift should be something that the mom to be will use in the future.

Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Do not worry, as we are here to guide you. Here are the top gift ideas that would help you make the right choice.

Yoga ball

A yoga ball is an optimum choice for a gift as it helps the mom to stretch her muscles. Plus, these same yoga balls can also be used as birthing balls later on. So you are actually helping her in two ways by offering this unique gift. You may even gift her luxury online pamper hampers which would be helpful once the baby arrives.

Pregnancy pillow

Comfort is a rare thing during pregnancy. Especially in the later months sleeping comfortably is a luxury. But, if you are worried about your friend, you can gift her a pregnancy pillow. With the pillow, the mom-to-be could rest and have a sound night’s sleep. Obviously, she is going to thank you for that.

Newborn gift set 

When the baby is born, you need a lot of items. If you want, you may prepare a gift hamper so your friend may have everything she needs. Add the toiletries, a towel, some basic clothes, and your hamper is ready. Suppose you can opt for only natural products. After all, taking care of the baby’s skin is very crucial.


Maybe your friend wants to write down all her experiences while she is pregnant. For such an excited mom, you can buy a journal. In that book, she can write about all of her daily routine activities. Plus, she can keep track of the baby’s overall parameters. This she can share with the baby once he/she grows up.

Maternity skincare items 

The mother-to-be will face many skin-related problems during this time. But, if you are concerned about her, you can give her skincare items. These should be natural as the skin is already in a bad situation. Choose from a wide variety but do not forget to consider her skin type.

Spa membership or gift card

A pregnant mother would just adore a pedicure or manicure at this point. You can get a spa membership or gift card where she can relax her tired nerves. If she is already a mom, make sure you arrange something for these kids while she spends a day of luxury. 

Minimal Insulated Food Jar and Natural Fiber Bento Box

A new mother’s job includes making sure that her baby gets all the nutritious food, milk and juices for optimal growth and brain development. What better way to make sure these fruits, vegetables and milk are properly stored and kept fresh with sustainable and eco friendly containers from Minimal. Furthermore, their well and ethically made products are sure to last till your baby grows. Check out these amazing bento silicone boxes for your baby’s food and the minimal insulated food jar which keeps food super fresh for hours, it will be useful to bring to daycare or school as they get older.


These ideas are perfect to give you an idea of what you can give your pregnant friend. Remember that she would be really anticipating a valuable gift from you. But you need to take out time when you start the search. 

Buying anything in a hurry could lead you to choose something which she may not like at all. Eventually, the journey to pregnancy should be worthwhile, and your gift should contribute to the same.

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