Top Fashion Trends To Follow

Top Fashion Trends To Follow #fashion #style #shop #clothes #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
Top Fashion Trends To Follow #fashion #style #shop #clothes #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

When it comes to fall, so many things come to mind. People think about wonderful possibilities like picking apples, carving pumpkins and planning a Thanksgiving dinner. They also think about creating a fall style wardrobe that can help anyone do all those activities and more. If you’re thinking about fall fashion, The RealReal can help with that task. Designers are showing off what you want to wear in a way that makes it easy to update your plans in life. (Image Credit: Bernadette V/Pixabay)

You’ll find some of the best fashion ideas of the year right now. Bright metallics bring home those wonderful colors that make fall such a fest for the eyes. The sweater set is an updated classic that still lots of style for today’s woman. You can make use of wide leg pants to draw attention to your torso and make an impressive statement.

Bright Metallic Flair

Metallics have long been a choice that makes people smile. Shades of glowing copper, silvery thread and sparkling gold are again on call. You can enjoy lots of items on the runways in shades that call to mind a walk in the park at the height of the leap peeping season. Gold is a great color that can bring out the flecks in your eyes. Look for shoes with a bit of gold at the toe to bring attention to the feet. Silver is for jewelry and for other clothing. Many designers are showing off metallic threads that make people smile and add something interesting to anything you own. Bronze and platinum are also shades people love when it comes to adding something to their wardrobe. You can add a bit of charm to any outfit and make it stand out in a crowd.

Sweater Sets

Sweater sets have long been a cherished classic. They’re totally in season today at The RealReal. You can find lots of different kinds of sweater sets on order that will suit your plans for the entire season. This is a good option for the woman on the go. Many women appreciate having something that lets them add or remove layers as the temperatures change. Bring the sweater with you when you’re out and about shopping for a dinner and some really good wine for a family dinner and you need to stay warm when you’re looking at cheese to match. The sweater can pop off at work when you’d like to concentrate, and you don’t want to be burdened with an extra layer that might interfere with your ability to focus better. Wool and cotton are good choices that can be cleaned with ease and show off your toned waist.

Wide Leg Pants

Pants need special attention in the fall. You want pants that let you move but also flow in all the right ways down your body. Fall right now is all about the use of those wide leg pants. These are pants that are comfortable yet add the kind of style so essential to look good when the seasons change. Wide leg pants are being seen in many different ways. Long, wide pants in black are flattering to a great many figures and work well with many kinds of varied fashion accessories.

Patterned pants are a fun way to add something unexpected to your style and bring in a touch of whimsy. Of particular note are pants that take inspiration from the 1970’s. This is when colors like oranges, browns and greens were part of the landscape. They’re there today in the kind of patterns that so many contemporary women find amusing and interesting.

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