Top Benefits of Using Natural Cosmetics

Top Benefits of Using Natural Cosmetics #natural cosmetics #natural products

The cosmetic industry is worth billions of pounds a year and yet it is still continuing to grow due to the fact that everywhere you go you will see images of beautifully sculptured faces without even a single blemish visible. The internet, and especially the rise of social media, has been the main driver as influencers use their power to promote their lifestyles and the cosmetic brands that they use. However, in recent years there has been a drive to use natural cosmetics rather than artificial ones, due to amongst other things, health concerns, so here we are going to look at the top benefits of using natural cosmetics. (Image Credit: dungthuyvunguyen from Pixabay) 

Environmental impact

Traditionally cosmetics have been made using chemicals that are often petroleum-based, and these chemicals can have an extremely negative effect on our planet. We all know how filthy the oil industry is especially given the rise of global warming and the fact that there are often oil spills in the news, and it is this same industry that is responsible for some of the products that the cosmetic industry uses. These chemicals seep into our water supply, thereby contaminating the earth, so by switching to natural cosmetics you are helping to keep our planet clean and chemical-free in various distinct ways. 

To improve your skin

As we discussed, traditional cosmetics use many different chemicals in their formulation and these products can have adverse effects on our skin, often leaving it dry and blotchy and highly irritated. In place of these chemicals, the industry has turned to natural products such as minerals directly from the earth, and the benefits of mineral makeup can be widely seen in those that adopted it early. Their skin is fresher and those that suffered from skin allergies are finally free from itching and unsightly blemishes. 

More economic

As everybody knows, cosmetics are not cheap, in fact, many people spend a considerable amount of their monthly budget on products to make them look younger or more beautiful. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these goals, being able to achieve them whilst spending less is the holy grail, and that is now entirely possible using natural cosmetics. The beauty (pun intended) of using natural products is that they do not spoil, which means that they have a lot longer shelf life so that you end up buying less, saving you many pounds over a year. 

They are not tested on animals

Although the beauty industry has improved its practices over recent decades, many of the chemicals that are used are still tested on animals, or at the very least were tested on animals in the past. Natural cosmetics, however, either derived from plants or the minerals in the ground and as both of these things are freely found in nature, they can be tested on humans. Being conscious of our environment and the animals that inhabit our planet alongside us is extremely important to many people, so accordingly the market for natural cosmetics has increased hugely over recent years, allowing you to be kind to your body and to mother nature at the same time. 

You can look younger

All cosmetics brands make the claim that you will look younger if you use their product, and that is simply because we are all searching for the elixir of eternal youth. However, studies have shown that natural cosmetics really can help you to look younger, as their skincare products can help to restore chemically damaged skin and allow your natural fats and oils to seep out, helping to prevent wrinkles and lines that are associated with aging. Hyperpigmentation issues can also fade with natural products and using a natural butter can leave you looking as glowing as you did when you were in your teens. 

Your health will improve

When you put a cosmetic product on your face, your skin will naturally absorb some of the product into your bloodstream, so if you are not using a natural product you will willfully be ingesting harmful chemicals into your body such as preservatives like parabens that can hamper the natural production of estrogen in the body. By going natural you will no longer be subjecting your body to these harmful chemicals, thereby improving your overall health. 

As we have learned there are many benefits from using natural cosmetics over synthetic ones. Natural products are cleaner for the environment and there is no testing on animals. They will leave your skin irritation-free and can help you to look younger by allowing your natural oils to nourish your face. So, if you want to save money and do your bit to help the environment, switch to natural cosmetics today. 

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