Top Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons

Top Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons #music #drummer #bevhillsmag
Top Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons #music #drummer #bevhillsmag

Drum known as one of the oldest and most demanded instruments in the world is used for thousands of years––multi-piece drum kits (made from maple, birch, and poplar wood) began their evolution in the 1890s.  And all new beginners prefer to use these kits for their first drum lesson.

For Kids

Did you know? Children who learn to play a musical instrument (drum, piano or any other instrument) have greater concentration, memorization, and literacy skills. Studies suggest that they often perform better in school!

What age should kids start learning?

Drum lessons for kids are based upon maturity level to ensure they could learn at a pace comfortable to them. Usually, seven is a recommended age, but some talented toddlers at the age of four turn out to be a great drummer. Choosing your first drumkit can be an adventure. There are so many sets that you sometimes will find it hard to choose one. Luckily, you can see a great list on written by music enthusiasts.

For Adults

Regardless of your musical goals, learning drum for adults is a nice perk. They find it a time pass or a new hobby to stay active throughout the day. Moreover, by investing their time in drumming, adults can get over their mental illness too.

Whether you’re into rock, jazz, country, blues, funk, orchestral, or R&B, taking private drum lessons in your home will help you master the art of playing an instrument as quickly as possible.

The key is to be consistent with the time and frequency of the practice

Consistency is vital of all. You and your kid success depend on how long you practice each lesson (self-study). If you’re not consistent, your drum playing will never improve, and in the end, you might want to give up. Therefore, practice hard to get successful.

Topics You’ll Be Master at in Private Drum Lessons

New beginners wonder what they’d learn in a private drum session and how long it will take to become a musical expert. Well, it depends on how serious you take-home lessons and how often you practice on your own time.

Here are some topics you’ll learn from your drum teacher.

  • The 4 basic drum strokes
  • How to read drumming notations
  • Odd meter patterns
  • Creative drum fills
  • Proper sticking techniques

For Intermediate Drummers

  • Drum fills and solos
  • Playing odd time signature patterns
  • Intermediary rudiments and grooves
  • Visualization concepts of different music genres
  • Exercises to improve your coordination, rhythm, and speed
  • Intermediate music theory

For Advanced Drummers

  • Advanced intermediary grooves
  • Sticking tricks
  • Shifts and meters
  • Performance preparation
  • Advanced music theory

Advantages of Private Drum Lessons

1. Better Response to Criticism

When you work with the best drum teacher, he or she not only highlight your mistakes but also provide you an honest constructive criticism that helps you grow fast.

Believe it or not, learning a musical instrument without receiving feedback is of no use. Likewise, to get the most from the private drum lesson, it is essential to remain open-minded (take feedback positively) throughout the sessions.

  1. Better Ability to Handle Stress

Home lessons, unlike a class setting, provide no way to escape. The teacher pays special attention and gives new lessons each day, so there’s no chance to “hide.” Moreover, a teacher helps the kid to build a strong work ethic, goal-setting process, self-discipline, and character traits––necessary for success in life. All these efforts help them to become a stronger person.

3. Fast Learning

In classrooms, kids don’t get individual attention, and as a result, they struggle a lot. Whereas, a private drum lesson in your home helps kids to learn fast by making notes of the areas needs improvement and developing a new plan accordingly.

4. Provides a Sense of Identity

Private musical lessons give a child a better sense of identity. During this time they meet with a new teacher and work with them to improve self- confidence and learn new skills.

5. Learn to React to Successes and Failure

No one can succeed in life unless self-confident. Yes, confidence plays a significant role in your child learning process––those who are confident–– perform best. A good teacher is one who teaches a child to stay calm, even if things are going wrong. Remember, this is also a part of their duty to help their students to learn from constructive criticism and enjoy the success.

6. Customized Lessons

Because every child has a different learning style, so customization is a must-have. Some like to learn through visuals, whereas, some are hands-on. Being a parent or a teacher it’s your responsibility to figure out what learning style is suitable for a child.

A class setting is not suitable as it cannot offer such customization as the private teacher gives each day. If you want your kid to achieve success in a very short period of time, go for customized lessons.

Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Teacher

A good teacher is not less than a blessing.

He or she will:

  • Watch your learning technique
  • Highlight problems-constructive criticism
  • Put a positive pressure on you
  • Help you pick easy songs that fit your level
  • Give you exercises to face challenges difficult for you
  • Help you to overcome poor learning style
  • Hold you to a high standard from day one of a lesson
  • Help you make adaptations you are willing to learn

When thinking to give your child a private drum lesson, find a teacher who is qualified and has a greater sense of accountability to offer your child the best drumming education! It’s never too late, to explore your kids musical side!

Final thought

When you find a great teacher for drum lessons in your home, the learning benefits are exponentially expanded! Take lessons seriously because those people who don’t take private lessons seriously, often get discouraged and frustrated in the end.

Thank you for reading!

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