Top 7 Accessories Every DJ should Have

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Creating a basic DJ setup is an exciting thing to do. And now that you have the right equipment, you are probably wondering if there is anything else you may need to add to upgrade your setup.

There are certain DJ accessories that are must-haves because they are necessary for your career. However, you don’t need all of them at a go. You can create a priority list and add them to your gear one at a time.

DJ Headphones

According to, headphones are accessories that fall in the ‘must-have’ category. You can DJ without headphones but having them makes your work much easier. Quality headphones enable you to listen and cue your tracks. They are an essential tool in ensuring your songs transition smoothly.

Quality headphones with noise cancellation will help you drown out the crowd and focus on your songs, especially in a loud environment. When choosing headphones, go for:

  • Sound quality. Your headphones should be able to produce quality sound even in a loud setting.
  • Durability. Since you will be using the headphones a lot, look for those that will last you a while. You do not want to keep on replacing your earphones after every gig.
  • Comfort. Chances are you will wear your headphones for hours on end. This means that you will need to get earphones that fit well. They should be able to cup your ears without squeezing them. Therefore, look for earphones with padding and those that fit just right.

Even though quality headphones may be expensive, getting the best will last longer.


Stands are another essential accessory to have as they elevate your equipment. There are two stands that you should invest in:

  • Laptop stand. If your main source of music is a laptop, you should get a laptop stand that will help you look at it without straining your eyes or back. A laptop stand also protects it from accidental spillage of drinks. When choosing the best laptop stand, look for one that you can adjust to your preference.
  • Speaker stand. Speaker stands help to remove any surface vibrations and create a clearer sound. If you cannot get the stands, you can go for speaker pads.

DJ Desk

Though you can keep your DJ equipment on any table and work from there, a DJ desk is a great accessory to have. It is important to have a desk that is the right size. The desk should be able to fit all your equipment without looking cramped.

The DJ desk should also be the right height to prevent you from hunching over. This will eventually hurt your back and neck. You can also find desks with different levels allowing you to set up your equipment however you please.

Some desks come with LED lighting to make your setup look fancier. You can also invest in a portable desk you can carry along to your gigs.

Studio Chair

This goes with the desk. You can sit on any chair and DJ. However, a quality studio chair will prevent future back problems. Since you will be spending a lot of time working on your skill, you need to select a comfortable chair that will support your back.


As a DJ, your ears are just as important as your hands. A skillful DJ should be able to listen keenly. Since you will be around loud noises a lot, you will need to protect your ears from damage.

Earbuds are an excellent way to protect your ears, and there are specific things you need to consider before buying them. You can either get silicon or molded earbuds. Molded earbuds will fit better as they are made specifically for your ears.


This accessory is usually the most underrated piece of equipment you need as a DJ. Tape is needed to tie your cables and secure them. This prevents unnecessary tagging when people trip over the cables.

Covers and Cases

Covers and cases protect your DJ controller from spillage, dust, and elements of weather that can end up damaging your equipment.

Additionally, they help in transporting your equipment safely. Let’s face it unless you are a home DJ; you will be moving with your gear quite often. This means you will need to invest in cases that can carry your equipment and prevent your equipment from potential harm.

You can choose to go for a hard case or a soft case with padding. You can also find a case with wheels, which makes it easy for you to move around with your gear.

You should also get plastic covers to protect your DJ controller when you are not using it or when you are traveling with it. The covers also protect the knobs from breakage or bending and the screen from any scratches. They are, therefore, a worthy accessory to get.


You do not have to get all these accessories at once. However, when you do, ensure that you get quality products.

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