Top 5 Myths Of Owning A Porsche 911

Top 5 Myths Of Owning A Porsche 911
Top 5 Myths Of Owning A Porsche 911

It’s no secret that the Porsche 911 is the dream car of many people around the world. An iconic sports car, it’s a model that has been in production for over 54 years, believe it or not, and is instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.

While it’s a sports car that is a familiar sight on the road these days, the sad truth is that some people believe certain myths and mistruths about the model as facts. If you are pondering buying a Porsche 911, this article will help to debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding this joyride dream car.

Myth #1: Only high net worth individuals can afford a Porsche 911

As mentioned a moment ago, the 911 has been in production for several decades. What that means in this context is there are many affordable used examples of the market today. In fact, it might be a pleasant surprise to learn just how cheap even a five-year-old Porsche 911 can be!

Myth #2: You’ll need to save up lots of money to buy one

Because of the vast array of used Porsche 911 models on the market, it’s entirely possible to fund one of them through the many low cost auto loans available to consumers. Sure, it’s better to buy a vehicle in cash than it is to borrow the money for it. But, most people realistically don’t have five-figure sums sitting in their bank accounts.

Myth #3: Only a Porsche specialist can maintain the 911

When you take away all the electronics and gadgets that come as standard in the Porsche 911, you’ll soon discover one thing: it’s just like any other vehicle! It has a mechanical engine powered by gasoline and lubricated by oil. And it uses the same disc braking technology that you’ll find in all modern cars.

With that in mind, don’t let anyone tell you that only a Porsche dealer or specialist can service and repair the 911!

Myth #4: You have to change the oil every 3,000 miles

One of the biggest myths doing the rounds is that the Porsche 911 needs more regular oil changes than most other vehicles. But, the truth is that the 911’s servicing schedules aren’t so strict.

These days, oil technology has come on leaps and bounds. Today’s engine lubricants are designed to last longer between services. So, you can put away your wallet and breathe a sigh of relief!

Myth #5: You should use only premium gas with the Porsche 911

The thing about premium gasoline versus the regular stuff is that it does offer many benefits to today’s modern engines – not just the Porsche 911. For example, the ones sold by branded gas stations tend to have chemicals that help to keep engine carbon build-up to a minimum. But, when it comes to performance, the 911 doesn’t care whether you use regular or premium gas. The only time it will make a difference is if you’ve had the car’s ECU remapped to take advantage of premium gas. Take it from the Porsche experts.

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