Tips on How to Blow Dry Your Hair

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Have you ever sat in your hair stylist’s chair, watching with fascination as she expertly blows out your tresses? You may have been left feeling inspired to recreate her results at home, only to be severely disappointed. Don’t worry – this is something we’ve all been through. While professional blowouts look flawless, recreating them alone can often feel like a struggle whether you’ve been attempting to perfect the art of blowing out your hair at home or are just getting started.

6 Ways to Blow Dry Your Hair

Hair styling can be tedious, especially if you have super long or thick hair. There’s no denying that blow-drying your hair is essential to creating the perfect style. But it can take time and far too often result in over-styled tresses. The GHD blow dryer range is designed to help you achieve beautiful results at home in half the time, with less effort and without subjecting your locks to over-drying.

Here are some of our top tips for blow-drying your hair:

1. Prep Your Hair

Taking the time to properly prep your hair before blow drying is essential for a healthy, stylish look. Start by giving your hair a quick towel dry to remove any extra moisture. You then want to add a heat protectant before using the blow dryer. This product provides an extra layer of protection against damage that hot air can cause. Finally, you’re ready to go with these two steps, leaving you with beautiful results and healthier-looking hair.

2. Choose the Right Brush

Shopping for the right brush to use during blow-drying your hair can be a real challenge. Not all brushes are created equal, and the one you pick will make a difference in how your hair looks when you’re done styling it. For those with straight hair, go for a paddle brush to get the sleek, polished look you desire. If you’re blessed with a head of curls, choose a round brush to help smooth everything out. Whichever brush you pick, just make sure it’s made of quality materials that won’t damage your locks.

3. Set the Temperature

The last thing anyone wants is to lose their luscious locks due to over-styling with a blow-dryer. The best way to avoid damaging your hair with a blow dryer is to always start on the lowest setting and only increase it if necessary. Sure, using the highest heat setting will be quicker, but it can take its toll on those delicate strands! On the other hand, if you keep it at a reasonable temperature, you’ll surely retain beautiful-looking hair for longer.

4. Section Your Hair

Dividing your hair up into sections is essential for a perfect blowout. Not only will you have a more even heat distribution, but it’ll also help you avoid dreaded tangles when you go to brush! The trick is to take a wide-toothed comb and separate each section with either clips or a headband. Get creative – there are so many fun colours and designs to choose from! When it comes to hair styling, taking a few extra minutes to section our locks makes all the difference.

5. Move the Blow Dryer Constantly

Taking the time to move the blow dryer constantly while drying your hair is an important step in keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. First, it takes just a few extra minutes to ensure that you are moving the dryer evenly over your hair. Then, using a steady circular motion, you can prevent hot spots from forming, which could cause damage to your locks. Not only can this small effort help to reduce split ends and frizzing, but it can also save you from making expensive trips to the salon for repairs.

6. Finish With a Cool Blast of Air

When using a blow dryer to dry your hair, don’t forget to finish with a motivating blast of cool air! This cool shot of air helps seal in the style you’ve done while also lending your locks a shiny, glossy look. Plus, having colder air running through your scalp can help maintain the scalp’s natural balance and the health of your hair. So give it a try next time you style – it just might be the final touch that takes your style from good to great.


Following these tips, you can confidently blow dry your hair like a pro! If you prep your hair, use the right brush and set the temperature correctly, you’re well to perfecting your blowout. Always keep the blow dryer moving and finish with a cool blast of air for the best results. With the help of a good blow dryer, you can ensure your hair looks its best every day. Then, have a great time styling!

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