Tips For Writing An Abstract For A Dissertation

Tips For Writing An Abstract For A Great Dissertation
Tips For Writing An Abstract For A Great Dissertation

Main goals of the abstract

            This is a sample dissertation on an educational topic. Let’s discuss the details. The abstract is an important part of your dissertation that describes your entire work in a brief and concise manner. Those readers who will find your paper in a database, will be able to read the abstract. They will value if the entire work deserves their attention just after reading this small part, that’s why it’s important to create the abstract properly. You should understand it not only introduces your dissertation, but explains your researches, brings results, analyses the importance of your investigation.

            The abstract is a first part of your dissertation that summarizes your future work. Each and every abstract has three main goals:

  1. It explains the title of your work so readers can define if they are interested to read the entire dissertation.
  2. An abstract should include a brief review of your dissertation.
  3. It overviews your paper and give readers understanding what you are going to do in your dissertation.

            You may be interested how long this part should be. When you are writing the abstract, you should not make it very long. Usually, this part is around 150-350 words length. The abstract structure must reflect the structure of your thesis. For example, if your dissertation thesis has six chapters, in your abstract you should give a brief summary (1-2 sentences) of each chapter. Don’t forget to present results: it’s important to tell your readers what you have discovered in your dissertation. That’s why in the last half of your abstract you have to summarize and explain your results. In the end of this document, you need to list document copies that used for your investigation, and write the number of references.

            If it seems difficult to you to create a good abstract, you can always count on dissertation writing services help. This is the best way to get a successful and professional paper in time.

Tips For Writing An Abstract For A Great Dissertation

  Sample of the education topic abstract

            Implementation of computers in the school

            Nowadays, computers became a part of our life, and educators provide computer technologies to the classroom. This dissertation provides an investigation about if teachers of elementary school are ready to integrate computers into the classrooms. This document contains a survey of several teachers at a Miami school and two other schools situated nearby. According to the results, these teachers showed a low level of computer skills and high level of computer anxiety. There was developed a special training program for school teachers that was implemented for the target group of five people. These 5 teachers passed the training in 10 weeks and showed positive results: decreased level of computer anxiety, increase in computer skills, and also increase in using presentation software such as word processing, Microsoft PowerPoint, and various tutorial programs. According to documented results, this training program got success, so it means that this problem may be solved with allocating funds by the school districts for improving teacher’s computer skills. The work includes appendices with copies of next documents: (1) survey for teachers; (2) test of computer knowledge before and after training; (3) pretest and post test results of computer software; (4) rating scale; (5) evaluation form; (6) individual data before and after training. (Contains 12 references.)



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