Tips for Styling Up Your Place with Fluffy Blankets

Tips for Styling Up your Place with Fluffy Blankets #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #fluffyblankets #sofathrow #furnitureaccessory #pillows #cushions #foldedblanket #injectstyleinyourplace #elegantlook #decorateyourplace #beddings #compliment
Tips for Styling Up your Place with Fluffy Blankets #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #fluffyblankets #sofathrow #furnitureaccessory #pillows #cushions #foldedblanket #injectstyleinyourplace #elegantlook #decorateyourplace #beddings #compliment

Frosty Nights, short days and more indoor time indicate the arrival of winter. And as soon as the winter arrives we start finding a better way to warm up our bedrooms and other places with soft and fluffy blankets and other thick bedding elements. Fluffy blankets are the best way to inject style in your place as they are warm enough to provide you with the necessary warmth & l look beautiful as well as to style your place in a unique way. In this article we have combined a few ways you can use fluffy blackheads in your place in the winter to make each corner create an inviting and warm feeling. (Image Credit: Imperial Rooms)

Here are the 6 most common places you can use a fluffy blanket to decorate.

Sofa, chairs, bed, stools, benches and baskets. Other than these there can be a few more accessories you can think of. There is no hard and fast rule of using fluffy blankets on these items only instead you can use a dam against or on anything accessible in your place.

Use Fluffy Blankets as a Sofa Throw

Sofas are the most common furniture accessory used in every house, they make excellent sitting areas. Sofas and settees are mostly caused due to the material stuffed in making their seats and backing which makes them were the two designs for the winter. For adding those to the sofas and chairs there are a lot of different ways you can do this. But before you try on any lock decide how you want your place to appear. Whether you want a casual Vibe or make your place appear formal and sophisticated.

When it comes to designing you can begin with the rule of 3, it refers to fluffy blankets and to complementing pillows or cushions. You can use the blankets in the following way and arrange the pillows in grouping of odd numbers.

Begin with a folded fluffy blanket and keep the both edges underside meeting in the middle. Play the folded blanket in the required position for a sophisticated and well-organized look. If you want to add a casual and a chic feel, just drive them casually without folding on the arm or in one of the corners. You can also place names on the back of your sofa and let them puddle on the floor.

Fold This Nicely On the End of Bed

Beds are the most natural places to use fluffy blankets and throws. You can use the blank yes no combination with imagine through and a pair of matching accent pillows to make a style statement. Once you have decided the color scheme and design it’s time to begin the styling.

For an elegant and sophisticated look, fold the blanket in half neatly e and place it on the food side of bed. This style works well when it comes to making neat and well organized bedding. You can also neatly fold them for decorating the deep sofas or benches. Neatly folded blankets draped over one corner of the sofa also create an inviting look.

If you are not fortunate enough to buy a throw you can go with a blanket and premium quality pillows only to finish the look.

Simply Throw It over the Side

This look works well for both sofas and the bed. You are not required to fold them in two or three layers instead just throw them on the sofa or at the end of your bed. This creates an artistic look & makes your place appear quite chic & casual. Just make sure to throw the blankets lengthwise. If they are too long just fold those in the half before you throw.

Decorate the Baskets

Baskets are another way to inject style in your place, they look modern as well as offer functional benefits. You can keep all the necessary items in the basket and cover them with a folded can getting draping one of its corners out. Always choose a coordinating color and don’t forget to add a pillow alongside the blanket to make sure you get one of the nicest speaks to look from the top one of the nicest peaks to look from the top. You may also like to visit here

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