Tips for Newlyweds Moving in Together

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Getting married is a big deal and is something that must be taken very seriously. For example, you’re going to not only be challenged planning and executing your ceremony and reception but could have a hard time getting used to each other after you move in together. However, these simple steps will help make moving in together easier and include many trendy concepts.

Plan Around Your Wedding

First, you need to make sure you plan your move-in date around your wedding. That may seem obvious, but many people forget and don’t carefully plan. For example, if you’re like most people, you might marry in September or October, the two most popular months for weddings every year.

Now, if you get married in late October and November rolls around, the temperature may start going down, and snow could start falling. It might be better to do a lot of the busy work before you get married and handle the basic moving steps before snowfalls to minimize issues.

Pick What You Want From a New Home

If you already know where you’re moving in together, this step isn’t necessary. One or both of you might own a home and decide to share it. However, if you buy a new house together, you should probably consider working together to pick out a dream house.

Try to find a spot that makes sense for both your jobs and your hobbies. For example, do you pick a trendy downtown area or someplace a bit off the beaten path? Whatever choice you make, it should be pretty easy to identify many spots where you can buy an attractive home.

Know How to Compromise

Compromise is key to all marriages. Unfortunately, people are often set in their ways and want things done in a specific manner. Perhaps that’s why 40% to 50% of all marriages end with a divorce in the country. Learning how to work together, instead of apart, can start with finding a great home.

For instance, you may want a house close to your family to minimize travel time, but your partner wants one nearer their family. Solution? Look for a home that’s about halfway between each. While this step seems drastic, it ultimately ensures that neither of you works harder than the other.

Consider Storage

You and your new spouse likely have many things that you want to bring to your home. However, did you know that houses in the US will have, on average, 300,000 different items stored throughout? So when you’re bringing that stuff to one home, you’re going to have a bit of an overload.

As a result, it may be necessary to identify different things that you can put into storage to minimize conflict. Try to pick items you know you won’t use, such as old CDs, books you’ve already read, and much more. If necessary, sell or donate many items to keep your house clutter-free.

Whatever steps on this list you take, make sure that you and your new partner stay trendy and happy together. By working together and taking proactive steps, you can minimize agitation, frustration, and annoyance when moving in together. Just as significantly, you can grow together as a unit.

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