Tips For Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

What You Should Ask a Wedding DJ Before Hiring One For Your Big Day #wedding dj #dj

Your wedding can be the most important day of your life. Planning all the details of the ceremony and reception can be challenging, especially if you do not know where to start or what questions you should ask when making bookings. Music is a fundamental part of any wedding. When it comes to hiring a DJ for your big day, you should make sure you are asking all the right questions so that you have all details, big or small, covered. If you are struggling with questions to ask your DJ, here are some inspirational ideas. (Image Credit: eroyka/Pixabay) 

Are They Available for Your Chosen Date?

The first and most important question you would need to ask the wedding DJ before hiring them is whether or not they would be available for your chosen date. Sometimes couples do not even have a specific date set in stone when hiring a DJ but they might have an interval of time that they plan to have their wedding sometime in between. Make sure you ask the DJ if they are likely to be available on one of the dates you are considering for your wedding before you plan on hiring. You want to avoid any surprises with them being fully booked for when you wanted them. 

Do They Have Venue Experience?

When you are hiring a DJ, it might be worth asking them if they have any venue experience internationally, and if they can show you their portfolio of work if they have any. Even if the DJ has not got that much venue experience, it would still be good to hear some of their portfolio samples before signing a hiring contract just to make sure they really fit your taste. 

New Zealand locals, for instance, find that the wedding DJ plays quite a crucial role in the wedding. Couples hiring DJs in NZ often prefer hiring those who have venue experience, particularly weddings. Performing at weddings is different than any other kind of venue performance. That is why it would be better to look for DJs who have extensive experience performing at other weddings. 

What Are their Financial Requirements? 

Every wedding has a set budget. So, before you hire a DJ you like, it is essential to ask them about all the financial details in advance. This includes how much it would cost to hire them and how much it would cost you for a deposit to hold the date. It would also be important to discuss how you would be paying the DJ and whether or not they would need the full amount to be paid in advance or after the wedding. The method and amount of payment the DJ asks for would be essential to know so you can manage your budget rationally. 

Will They Be Performing More Than Once on the Day?

It is important to ask the DJ you want to hire whether or not they plan to perform in more than one venue on the day of your wedding. If the DJ is going to be performing more than set, especially before your wedding, then that might sway you away from choosing them as you would not necessarily trust that they would show up on time for your event. You might end up choosing that DJ if they are performing at another venue on the day if you trust their punctuality or if they plan to perform at another venue but after yours is finished and wrapped up.

What Kind of Music Will They Cover?

Before hiring just any DJ, make sure you ask them what kind of music they actually cover and whether or not they would be able to fix a playlist that fits your taste for the occasion. Contrary to common belief, not all DJs simply play any kind of music you ask them to. So, before you hire a DJ, make sure they would be willing to play your preferred kind of music so that you are faced with disappointment on your wedding day. 

Every detail on your wedding day is important, including which DJ you are going to hire and what they can offer you. Before you sign off any contract with a DJ hiring them for your special day, you should make sure you ask them all the important questions that would affect your wedding. This includes knowing all the ins and outs about finances as well as performance experience. Remember that no detail is ever too small when it comes to your wedding, so make sure you ask all the questions you might have on your mind and be as thorough as possible. 

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