Tips For Car Radar Detectors

What to Consider When Buying a Radar Detector for Your Vehicle
What to Consider When Buying a Radar Detector for Your Vehicle

Some people just find themselves speeding – it’s their nature. And then there are drivers who end up getting a speeding ticket despite driving within the prescribed speed limits. Speeding also increases your risk of getting into an accident or a dangerous traffic situation. We highly advise against it. In all of these situations, a radar detector can be the solution you need. What matters the most is that you get the right radar detector for your vehicle, because not every product on the market can get the job done right.

Consider the Detection Range
Some radar detectors will inform you of the presence of police radars too late, which means you might not slow down in time to avoid the speed trap awaiting you. That is why you should get a radar detector with a good signal range. Some of the best radar detectors 2018 has in store for you can detect radar signals from up to 5 miles away.

Signal Selectivity
Having a detector that does not miss any threats is great. But radar technology is pretty commonplace today. So, a detector whose alarm goes off with every radar based door opener that comes within range will not offer a very pleasant, or reliable, use experience. Therefore, you need to get a radar detector that can not only identify all sorts of threats, but can also isolate those that matter so that you enjoy using it in your vehicle.

Presence of GPS Technology
Not all radar detectors come with GPS technology; but those that do often have additional features that can help you avoid traffic issues as you drive. For instance, these detectors can inform you about traffic lights and speed cameras; not just police radars. Consequently, it is worth considering buying a radar detector that has GPS functionality, because cameras and traffic stops are a concern for speeding drivers as well. Alternatively, you can also use routing apps such as Route4Me that will help you plan and get direction to drive the shortest route. Also, it is very convenient if you need to do multiple stops since it would plan out the entire route you’ll be heading.

Tips For Car Radar Detectors

Connectivity Options
As far as connectivity options go, radar detectors are quite diverse. For instance, corded detectors go on the windshield; and they typically provide the best detection ranges. But if you want something a little more portable, then using a cordless radar detector is the way to go. Otherwise, if you are concerned that a conspicuous radar detector might attract thieves or cause you problems with the authorities, then using a permanently installed remote-mount detector might be the best option for you. So, know what your connectivity priorities are as you shop for a radar detector to have the best use experience.

Alert Options
A good radar detector should give you adequate alert options. Some will have a flashing signal telling you that a threat has been detected, while others will have voice alerts to inform you of threats so that you don’t keep taking your eyes off the road. The best models as far as alert options go will provide both voice and visual alerts. For this reason, you can use visual alerts when you are not in a position to use voice alerts, such as when the passengers in your car need the silence, or when you are enjoying your favorite music and the voice signals might get drowned out altogether.

To Sum Up
Radar detectors have many features; which is a good thing. But this can also make the process of picking the right detector for your vehicle a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, with the tips mentioned above, the process of getting the right radar detector for your car should be a lot easier. Basically, features to consider as you shop for a radar detector include sensitivity, alert options, signal selectivity, connectivity options, detection range, and the presence of additional features, particularly GPS technology.

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