Things To Consider When Planning An Event

If you want to avoid unnecessary stress, it is the best solution to plan out the event as a whole.

Whenever you are planning your own, or someone else’s event, you have to consider the event’s purpose. It is essential to have a draft of your event in your head and to stick to it. The event briefing must be detailed and should follow the event’s progress. This, of course, depends on the event’s nature. The things you need to take into consideration are your budget, venue, timing, food, guest list, etc. In the following text, you will find some useful advice on how to plan your event stress-free.

Set Your Budget 

Finance is the crucial thing in event planning. The budget dictates every other plan part. Your event briefing should include, as much as possible, precise event calculations on the key factors, like decoration, sound system, venue, food, entertainment, music, and other costs. The best thing you can do is to do the research on the services you need. Some companies are willing to give you discounts, and some provide the entire service packages which are usually less costly than the individual services. Additionally, you should always include some 15-20% of the unplanned costs that can occur.

Venue and Entertainment

Depending on the nature of your event, you must find the venue that fits all the event requirements. Firstly, you have to make sure there is enough space for everyone. You do not want your guests standing. This is why you should plan your event as a whole, not individually. The size of the venue is directly conditioned by the number of invitations. Always plan in advance and book some additional seats in case there are more people than you expected. Catering and entertainment are the things from the plan that should be discussed under the item venue. So, if you are booking catering for the event, you must work out the logistics and count on the things you do not expect. When it comes to entertainment, music is the most important thing. If you are having a DJ or a singer, then you should consult them on the venue and sound system you should use. Also, there should be a stage for them, and depending on the size of the venue, there are different stage configurations you can choose from. Music is not the only thing you should care about. There are also some activities you should organize and plan if you want your event to be well-remembered.

Guest List

Besides the budget that is supposed to cover it all, the guest list is the second most important thing in your event planning. A detailed guest list, with additional guests like children, should be part of your event briefing. When making your invitations you should include the event date, start hour, short event briefing, and spice it up with some interesting invitation design. You should think of the target audience and how to present your event. Whenever people receive the invitation the first thing they ask themselves is if they should or should not attend it. If you are making the event that will help your company make a better business network, then you should invite relevant guests whose presence will make a statement and send a clear message on your intentions. If you are having an event that will have a purpose to attract a huge number of people, then you should have it promoted online. This way you will have better reach. Additionally, social networks are a very good place for event promotion, taking into consideration the number of people using them actively.

Take Time

Take all the time you need to have your event planned. Do not bother with the side pressure and do not let other people interfere with your image of the perfect event. Make sure to give yourself enough time to handle all the tasks. If you do all of the things at the last moment, you will find yourself stressing over the things you cannot figure out in such a short period of time. The most important thing is to plan out and manage your time well. Just, make sure, to always have fun and enjoy the party. Trust the process!

Planning the event can be quite stressful and cause a lot of trouble if done at the very last moment. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, it is the best solution to plan out the event as a whole. Remember, you should make an event that will make you proud of yourself, your organizational skills, and your creativity. Do not forget to enjoy the moment.

Hannah Foreman
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