The Weirdest Rules Some Colleges Lay Down

The Weirdest Rules Some Colleges Lay Down :#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #college #universities #dresscodes #collegedresscodes #collegerules #education #weirddresscodes #weirdrules
The Weirdest Rules Some Colleges Lay Down :#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #college #universities #dresscodes #collegedresscodes #collegerules #education #weirddresscodes #weirdrules

Heading into your college years, it is easy to get excited. You eagerly anticipate days filled with fun, joy, and entertainment. However, a majority of students overlook challenging assignments, strict dress codes, and myriad other rules and obligations. Most colleges implement common on-campus rules. But it is important to remember that every educational institution may have a unique set of regulations. (Anastasiya Gepp/Pexels)

Browse the Internet and search for detailed information about the specific university you strive to enter. While some universities impose strict rules about the dress code, educational process, campus life, use of the assignment writing help service, and other aspects of student lives, others are more amenable. On the other hand, college students enjoy discounts, for more details, check out

Are you heading to college soon? Now is the time to learn some unusual regulations you might face from the very first day. However, before strict dress codes devastate you, keep in mind that there is always a way out. Following the Beverly Hills Magazine’s fashion tips, there is always an opportunity to transform a trivial, basic outfit into a stylish and functional one. Looking through the history of the most world-known universities, you will notice how much the dress code has changed. Nevertheless, some meaningful and reasonable rules remain relevant and appropriate irrespective of the time.

Why Is Dress Code Important in Colleges?

Over the years, there has been much discussion regarding dress code benefits and drawback. While the vast majority of students would be happy to wear whatever they want, experts agree that the dress code is useful and features a range of advantages.

  • A dress code creates a serious and reserved atmosphere, allowing students to focus on studying.
  • It promotes blood behavior and enhances student success.
  • It helps to save money and conceal significant financial differences between students.
  • A dress code helps to decrease social conflicts.
  • It gives a student a sense of choice, as it does not presuppose a certain uniform.

Top 3 Most Unusual College Dress Code Rules

Students will find that most local universities lack strict dress code rules. However, the situation is completely different when it comes to world-known and appreciated facilities, like Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and others. In their weird though wonderful worlds, everything seems different. There is no way you mix up the Oxford student with the representative of any other school. After all, a perfect black cloak, white bow tie, and a flower pinned to a shirt will turn him in the first seconds. While some traditions may sound abnormal for one college, it is completely normal for another. Anyway, check out the top three most unusual dress codes in some colleges.

No Short Skirts

While dresses and skirts are acceptable and a common choice for college girls, the majority of universities have restrictions about their length. The skirt regulations have changed greatly, with the majority of schools implementing ‘fingertip rule’, which defines appropriate skirt length as the one that you can reach with your fingertips. Hollywood may completely neglect the rule. But reality is a different matter. Students who come to school in a short skirt are usually sent home right away.

White Ties Should be Worn On Exam

According to the information on the official website of Oxford University, there are numerous dress codes peculiar to this school. In most instances, the facility follows the principle of propriety, but there are numerous exclusive rules everyone should follow. From the very beginning, Oxford finals have been considered a special time. Students have to wear black suit trousers or skirts, white shirts, black commoner gowns, and white ties. This is more than just a rule. In fact, it is a real tradition that goes back to the history of Oxford establishment.

Torn and Distress Jeans Are Prohibited

The overwhelming majority of colleges and universities require their students to look neat and tidy. Many institutions have prohibited jeans. Still others have adopted rules that regulate their condition. Thus, the schools start considering modest versions of jeans appropriate.

While these are the most unusual and extraordinary college dress codes, there is a range of other restrictions and regulations educational facilities offer. According to students’ reviews, some institutions oblige their learners to wear uniforms or specific accessories that emphasize that they belong to a certain college. These traditions and signs of elitism can be a challenge to adapt to. The first weeks at college may be challenging, as you have to learn new rules and accomplish dozens of complicated tasks. is the platform that may help you get used to the circumstances without losing your motivation and academic excellence.

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