The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide
The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide #marriage #bridetobe #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #party #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Your best friend or sister has spent a lot of time planning her wedding day. One long-time wedding tradition bachelorette party, most often hosted by the maid of honor or bridesmaids. Some parties are rowdy activities and others are more quiet events closer to home. However you want to throw this party for your bestie, here is a guide to help.

Talk to the Guest of Honor

Before you choose to do anything for your bestie to celebrate their upcoming wedding, be sure to talk to the bride. She may have a vision for her party that is very different than what you would plan. Going against her wishes just because you think it needs to be a certain way will only strain the relationship right before the most important day of her life. Whether you stay home or travel to a fun place, do what she wants.

Set a Date

When you know what you’re doing, it’s time to decide when the party should take place. It’s common for a bachelorette party to happen only a week or so before the big day. Set a date and start making arrangements to get the date on the calendar.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide #marriage #bridetobe #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #party #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazineCurate a Guest List

Next, talk with the bride about the guest list. You want to include the entire bridal party, of course, but there may be other women in her life that she wants to join in. If the event is more casual and less of a bacchanal, she may want her mom or other relatives there. If it’s a huge blow out part, she may have a friend from work who would be a blast to have along.

Send a Save the Date or Invitation

After you have a date and a guest list, it’s time to create the invitation. Make sure to include important details like the venue, time, date, list of games, and which bachelorette hashtag to use. If the party is not for a while, start with a save the date. Don’t forget to send a real invitation as well to include all the necessary information for the event itself. In today’s digital age, it’s perfectly fine to make a private Facebook event to invite people and talk about it ahead of time.

Consider Activities and Entertainment

Taking into consideration the wishes of the bride and the general makeup of the guest list, you can determine the activities and entertainment. There may be an occasion where a girl’s trip to a party town like Las Vegas would be in order where you can all see the ring’s blue fluorescence glow under the bright lights. For other brides, a quiet night in with games may be more appropriate.

Figure Out Transportation

Transportation is another important component of a well-planned a bachelorette party. Renting a stylish limo with Limo Find or party bus are common choices that make the experience so much more fun. If the party is in another city, you have to encourage everyone attending to book a flight or make other arrangements to travel. Be sure to discuss options that cost money ahead of time so everyone has a chance to plan and budget.

Make Bookings

Giving people enough time to plan ahead, you can make the bookings for whatever your bachelorette party entails. This could be reservation for a car or bus, a hotel, an event space, or even just dinner reservations.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide #marriage #bridetobe #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #party #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazineBuy Accessories

Whether the party you’re planning is low key or a huge blow-out, be sure to have all the right accessories. Some brides welcome the raunchy party favors while others may be uncomfortable with those. Choose the accessories with your bride in mind.

Confirm RSVPS

Just before the big event itself, be sure to confirm all of the RSVPs. This way you may still have time to make adjustments if anyone has to bow out at the last minute. With proper planning, you’ve created an event that no one wants to miss, so with any luck this won’t be a problem for you at all.

As you can see, planning the perfect bachelorette party is equal parts preparation and motivation. What kind of party does your bride want to have? How can you make it perfect for her?

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