The Most Underrated Luxury Men’s Accessories of 2019

Boys don’t have to miss out on the fun thanks to these luxury men’s accessories. Click here to see the most underrated accessories for men this year. (Image Credit: Mitch Lensink/Unsplash)

According to survey results of over 1 000 men, 84% of men care deeply about nailing their outfit, particularly for a special event. So much so, that one-third reported skipping an event thanks to not having the right clothes.

On the flip side, the survey also revealed that when dressed perfectly for an occasion, participants reported feelings of confidence, power, and of being respected and attractive.

Obviously, being dressed in style is worth it.

But how does one get a fashionable look every time? Hint: its all about the accessories. And an awesome pair of designer sunglasses too.

Sure, you do need a good wardrobe of staples behind you—but with a few luxury men’s accessories, you can effortlessly customize your style to match any occasion.

With the menswear landscape constantly shifting, and the line between casual and formal ever blurring, it can take quite the style sense (and the wardrobe!) to create continuous, spot-on, style choices; that aren’t over-the-top or way below the mark.

Fortunately, with smart accessory choices, you can achieve this time and time again. Accessories are often assumed to be women’s style territory, but all of the most well-dressed men know that the right accessories are a vital component to any man’s outfit

So, do your swag a favor and read on to get the lowdown on the best, most underrated, insider accessory choices for men in 2019.


Bracelets are an accessory type that is notoriously associated with women’s fashion. Thanks to this, even the name bracelet sounds feminine.

But, the thing is, there are some incredibly masculine and tasteful men’s bracelets available. Owning and wearing one of these can instantly add statement status to an outfit. Think rolled-up shirtsleeves, whiskey on the rocks style vibes.

A men’s bracelet can also be utilized to balance out the weight of a watch. For example, if you wear a stainless steel watch, and you like uniformity in your outfits, you can consider wearing a thick stainless steel band-like bracelet on your other arm to create an interesting visual effect.


Rings are another accessory area where women dominate. However, the right kind of ring is another piece of jewelry that can actually add masculinity to an outfit.

Donning a ring that matches your aesthetic, and has a masculine feel behind it, is a super-easy way of adding a point of interest to your outfit—while not overpowering other elements or creating a confusing or over-the-top look.

Tie Clips

If you want to be just that bit more put together everyone else, tie clips are your friend.

Evolved from the tie pin, tie clips were everywhere in the 1920s, during which time almost every man wore a tie. As ties and suits recede into the ‘formal wear’ category, many people forget about tie clips.

This is a mistake.

Here’s why.

Tie clips secure one’s tie together, and to the front of one’s shirt. This means that your tie will stay neatly in place. A gust of wind won’t be able to dishevel it, and it’s not gonna swing forward ridiculously every time you need to bend over or shake someone’s hand across the table.

Lastly, tie clips look slick. A tie clip finishes off a formal outfit in a way that almost nothing else can. The metallic element on your chest acts as a point of interest and ‘ties’ (pardon the pun) your entire look together into something polished and seamless.

This makes tie pins one of the best men’s accessories to own.


The other suit accessory that is often thought a non-essential—but is a key component to a polished look—is cufflinks.

In today’s age of buttons, you don’t need cufflinks to secure your cuffs. But you do need them to achieve the ultimate in formal attire swagger.

If you put on your best suit, only to find that your look is lacking something, add cufflinks.

Cufflinks act to subtly add interest and class to a formal outfit. You can also use them to express personal style preferences which will further elevate your look from “just like every other guy in a suit” to unique and personalized.

Leather Gloves

What could be slicker, more irrevocably masculine, than a pair of leather gloves?

While wooly mittens might make you feel like you’re back on the playground, leather men’s gloves are undeniably adult. A pair of leather gloves can instantly add class and effortless richness to a winter outfit. Not to mention a touch of mystery, and a measure of masculinity.


Eyewear is one of the most underrated, impactful, and transformative pieces of male accessories. Whether it is eyeglasses or shades, if you want to achieve envy-worthy style, you can leverage eyewear to your advantage.

With the right frame selection, you can add character and dimension to your look. Once you have honed in your perfect eyewear style (or styles) you can use this to create a signature look—the mecca of style dons.

However, finding the perfect eyewear-look can take a little trial and error. To begin with, you will need to take your face shape into account when selecting eyewear.

Then, we recommend that you begin to shop now for the right pieces for your look, as it can take some time to nail down that perfect style.

Leather Holdall

Some of the best style starts with functionality. Enter the leather holdall, one of the topmost underrated, yet smooth style accessories for men.

Uber functional, a leather holdall is ideal for weekend activities and short trips. At the same time, the luxury of the leather imparts a feeling of exclusiveness and taste to any outfit.

Now You Know About Some of the Most Style-Savvy Luxury Men’s Accessories

Some men feel that luxury men’s accessories are non-necessities, or that they are a touch feminine in nature.

They couldn’t be more wrong. With the right items in your arsenal, you will have the power to take any outfit from bland to statement in a matter of moments.

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