The Hidden Gems of the Texas Coast

The Hidden Gems of the Texas Coast: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #texascoast #luxurydestinations #hiddengems #bucketlist #texas #luxurytravel #vacationdestinations #holidaydestinations #touristattractions
The Hidden Gems of the Texas Coast: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #texascoast #luxurydestinations #hiddengems #bucketlist #texas #luxurytravel #vacationdestinations #holidaydestinations #touristattractions

The Texas Coast is known to be one of the most fantastic tourist destinations because it comprises many tourist attractions, including pine forests, deserts, the Rio Grande, and the Gulf Coast. It is a place you will need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Also known by the locals as the ‘Lone Star State,’ it has its unique independence making it different from other areas in the world. Here, we will continue to list some hidden gems found on the Texas coast. (Image Credits: Joshua J Cotten/Unsplash)

  • Boca Chica Park and Beach, Brownsville

Part of this park is located at Boca Chica Sub delta, the Rio Grande, in Cameron County. This place has been open to the public since 1994 and gained massive popularity since then. During the Mexican War, a bridge was constructed to carry military supplies, and its traces are still available. In this corner of Texas, there are plenty of things you can do, including a beach picnic, fishing, swimming, surfing, and any other thing you will love to do at the beach. You can also check out dunes across the beach or go camping in good weather. One more thing, you can carry your binoculars to participate in bird watching, bask in the sun, and also hike in the park trails.

  • Blue Lagoon, Huntsville

It will take you one and a half hours to reach Blue Lagoon from Houston. In this place, there are two limestone quarries containing warm, spring water. It is a privately owned destination that requires you to pay a fee to get in. According to those living in Montana who often use the proximity to visit this amazing lagoon, the price you pay here is worth it since the experience is out of this world. The costs are meant to avoid overcrowding of the place. 

The water is greenish-bluish, covered with pine trees making it look fantastic and natural. The location is ideal for scuba divers and has a shop to rent or buy the gears to enjoy the experience. It does not allow visitors at night, but you can visit during the day and enjoy the experience, especially swimming. If you plan to get off from your busy schedule, this is the place you can visit with your friends to refresh your minds. 

  • Marfa, Texas

Marfa is in the west of Texas and comprises a small desert and also an arts hub. The place also has exhibitions hosted by the Ballroom Marfa organization, which attracts many people. However, art is not what brings people to Marfa. There is a lot to see. People have always associated this place with ghosts and UFOs and still believe it’s a haunted town. However, scientists haven’t proved such claims, and it may be the reflection of the lights. You can go there and see what happens and maybe decide for yourself according to what you see. The place provides almost everything unique, including eclectic shops, casual dining experiences, and other notable things you will love experiencing.

  • Hueco Tanks State Park

Hueco Tanks State Park is located in El Paso County and stays on the high-altitude basins between the Franklin Mountains and Hueco mountains. The name Hueco means depressions filled with water, and that’s where the name got derived. Because of its historical artifacts, the park is always under protection. Hueco Tanks State Park comprises three granite mountains which measure approximately 860 acres. It is an ideal tourist destination for bird watchers and bouldering lovers. You can visit it in February to witness the outdoor bouldering competition and the Hueco Rock Rodeo. However, the park is good to go at any time of the year. Other activities you can do include hiking and viewing of historical arts.

  • Wild Base Wilderness Preserve

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve in Austin, Texas, was found in 1974 and measures approximately 227 acres, with 2.5 miles of hiking trails. The park is open during the daytime. You can visit it with your family and friends, even with your pets. You can do several activities, including hiking, walk to waterfalls, or visit Scenic Overlook for some photos. If you fancy walking, you can do a 1.5-mile loop to and fro. This is a perfect place you can visit with family without worrying about safety and dangers. 

Other hidden gems at the Texas coast include Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Palmetto State Park, Cathedral of Junk, Cameron Park, and others not included in this list. Despite this being hidden gems, they are perfect places where you can do several activities, including swimming, hiking, fishing, and others, depending on your likes and experiences. Ensure you carry the required gear if you plan to do such activities.

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