The Easiest Way to Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

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Magnetic eyelashes are a having quite the moment, and for very good reason. They’re easier to apply, easier to take off, and you don’t have to deal with all of that nasty lash glue getting on, in, and around your eye (and all surrounding surfaces) after you put them on.

But with this new lash technology comes a new set of skills that you have to learn. For magnetic eyeliner, that learning curve comes into play with the application of magnetic eyeliner.

If you seem to be having a bit of a hard time applying your magnetic eyeliner to attract those magnetic lashes, you may just need a tiny bit of guidance.

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about the easiest techniques to use to apply your magnetic eyeliner like a pro.

Go Slow

The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re struggling with magnetic eyeliner (or any eyeliner, really,) is to slow down. It’s not a race, and if you try to rush it, you’ll spend even more time wiping it off and starting over from square one.

So take it slow. You got this.

Pull Your Lid Taut to the Side

Start by closing the eye you are about to line.

To make sure you can get the straightest line and smoothest application possible, pull the corner of your lid taut to one side. This keeps your lid securely in place for the application process so that all of that skin doesn’t move around on you, obscuring your vision.

It’s hard to draw on a moving target.


Though you may be a little stressed out from previous experiences you might have had with eyeliner, do your best to try and relax your eyelid. If you tense up too much, your eye can start twitching, messing up the consistency of your otherwise smooth line.

If the muscle in your eye is tense, that can also cause a rippling effect on your lid. And if the muscles in your hand and arm are tense, they can start shaking, too, which makes for shaky eyeliner.

Start Two Thirds In

Start your eyeliner two-thirds in from the outer corner of your eye. This gives you enough length to get a straight line in without worrying about getting all the way into the inner corner of your eye.

After you do the rest of your eyelid, you can come back and fill in that last inner third.

Try to Follow Along Your Lash Line

Use the natural curve of your upper lash line as your guide for the liner. Smoothly trace that edge from the inside outward, angling the brush so that you are getting as much coverage as possible.

If you start to stray from the line, take a moment to relax your eyelid and then try again. Just keep breathing and don’t worry if it doesn’t look absolutely perfect.

Use Magnetic Liner Only on Your Top Lid

Since you only have a minimal amount of magnetic liner and it’s formulated differently than your usual eyeliner, only worry about using that magnetic liner on the top lid. You can use a gel pencil or other tool to line your bottom lashes.

The same goes for other detailing. You can use a different eyeliner to perfect that cat eye, too, since your lash doesn’t need to stick to that part.

Use a Cotton Swab for Cleanup

Keep a cotton swab that’s been dampened with some eye makeup remover handy for quick cleanups and fixes if you mess up as you go. It’s always going to take a little practice to make perfect, but you’ll get there.

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