The Different Types Of Wine And How To Choose

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Different types of wines have been made since ancient times. In the beginning, wine was considered a blessing from God, and it played an essential part in many cultures’ ceremonies. For example, what we know today as communion is a Christian ritual where they drink good wine from a shared cup to remember Jesus’s sacrifice for them. The most famous wines are produced around the Mediterranean coast (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal), in South Africa and Australia. The first wine types were delightful and flavored with honey or fruit. It was not until the ancient Romans that the taste of the dry wines became more popular. Now, different types of wines can be produced throughout most regions of the world, each having its qualities.

Types Of Wine And Their Flavor

There are various types of wine. However, the most popular ones are sweet white wines, dry red wines, and sweet white wines. You can find them in the most affordable wine clubs in different parts of the world. Many prefer wine clubs because they lead to better options for specific types of wines in their area. Here are the main ones:

Reds Wine

Most of the wines are red because they have been aged in contact with the grape skins (red grapes). The taste of red wine can range from very light to extremely powerful and complex. Wines made only with the flesh of the red grape don’t offer many flavors at all; they are produced in significant quantities, so they are available at the market. The taste of red wines varies according to their region. We can find lighter red wines that are not very tannic, which is the term for the rough feeling you have inside your mouth after tasting wine. Tannins are usually expressed as astringency by professional tasters, which means that the tannins will dry out your mouth and make you feel thirsty. The most popular red wines are merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah (and its many mutations like marselan and petite sirah), pinot noir, and zinfandel.

White Wine

While all wines can be white, it is usually produced by leaving the grape skins out (white grapes), which will make the wine much lighter. It also allows us to produce sweet wines made with white grapes only, like riesling and sauvignon blanc. People who like to shop for wines here make sure to know the difference between these three so they can get the type they like the most. When grapes are not fermented entirely or aren’t left in contact with the grape skins, the wine will have a transparent yellow color. Some wines can be white/red or even red/white; they have been fermented with red and white grape flowers. The most popular ones are: chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio and viognier.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are produced by a second fermentation process in the bottle instead of in special tanks. The sugar and yeast added to initiate the process create carbon dioxide, which remains dissolved under pressure until the open bottle. During this time, it will make bubbles. It is prevalent for sparkling wines to be produced by the method of Champagne that takes place in France. These wines are usually dry, but sweet ones can also be found.

Champagne Wine

The region of France where the most famous sparkling wines are produced is called Champagne after the name of its main city. The majority of champagne wines are produced in the traditional method. Champagne has to be made with specific grapes, with particular characteristics to ferment completely and produce an even taste. The most popular types of Champagne are brut nature (very dry), extra dry, sec (pretty dry), demi-sec (has a little bit of sugar), and doux (sweet). Almost all wines possess one of these qualities, but not both simultaneously.

What To Look For When Choosing Wine?

You may have already heard that wine can be paired with certain types of food and even complement them. Of course, there is no correct answer when choosing a wine for a specific meal; each person has preferences and tastes. But here are factors you can consider when selecting wine:


As mentioned before, there is no specific rule for matching wine with food; you need to experiment and discover what type of wines you like the most. Usually, red wines are stronger in taste than white ones; but this isn’t always true. Some people think that white wine goes better with seafood, while others believe that red wines are correct. So, to start with, you should consider what type of food you’ll be having for dinner.

Price Range

People usually think that expensive wines are better than cheap ones, but this isn’t always true. Wine can also depend on its region and production process, which means that some types of wine are more expensive than others, no matter the price range. This is not a very important factor when choosing a wine, but it can influence your decision if you have a small budget.

Goes Well With

When choosing wines, people usually consider what they will be eating for dinner or lunch; but this isn’t always true. Some types of wine will go better with the main course, but they may not even be served during that time. For example, sweet white wines can be served as a dessert after lunch or dinner; but you can also do it at breakfast accompanied by pancakes or waffles. You can try different combinations to discover new wines. These are just some examples.

What You Prefer

As mentioned before, there are many types of wines in the whole world, so you can try as many wines as possible until you find one that suits your preferences and goes well with what you like to eat. But every day, you have different tastes, so it is best to keep an open mind and try as many wines as possible.

Wine helps people unwind and relax. Wine is made with different grapes and varies in taste and color, but it has to be stored carefully. Different wines go well with certain types of food; some others can be served as a dessert after lunch or dinner. You should choose your wine based on your preference and what you like to eat and drink. There is no one correct answer when choosing wine; you can experiment and discover the types of food and wine that go well with each other. With time, you’ll be able to know what kind of wine satisfies your needs and preferences.

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