The Different Types Of Guns And What Do People Use Them For

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Whether you are a gun enthusiast or a seasoned hunter, finding a gun for your specific needs has become an overwhelming task nowadays as there are a variety of different types available for you to choose from. However, understanding each type and their differences ultimately helps in picking the one that best suits your needs. In this article, we will do a breakdown of different types of guns so that it becomes easier for you to answer your concerns and gain knowledge to help you make a better choice when buying a gun.

When exploring the different types of guns and their uses, understanding ammunition is crucial. For enthusiasts’ firearms, it is essential to have a reliable source for supplies like brass. Here are the recommended options to purchase 308 brass here that offers quality ammunition components to support your shooting needs.


The shotgun is a powerful firearm designed to fire at short ranges, especially when the targets are moving mid-air. This gun is the first choice for hunters that are chasing birds or hunting animals that are within range of not more than a few meters. Unlike rifles, shotguns have a smooth barrel that reduces friction and a thin wall to keep the pressure to a minimum. The most popular types include pump-action, single-barreled, double-barreled, break-action, lever-action, revolver-action, and fully automatic shotguns. Mainly two types of ammunition can be used with shotguns that include slugs and shots. Slugs are single-shot projectiles that are used to target large moving animals. On the other hand, shotgun cartridges host a lot of small pallets that get scattered through the air when a shot is fired. This palette-like ammunition is ideal for birds and small animals that have a lot of agility.


These sophisticated guns have a lot of different varieties and are the most sought-after weapon in the gun industry. Known for their precision, rifles conventionally fire a single round with the pull of a trigger and have a long-range to hit far-reaching targets. Over time, the gun industry has progressed to refine each component, including accessories that improve performance.

Let’s look at the example of an aiming scope. Conventional scopes for semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 that were previously made of metal are now being replaced by far superior materials like fiberglass. Manufacturers nowadays claim that premium quality AR-15 optics being made can cater to specific requirements like hunting, long-range shooting, or even finding moving predators at nighttime. Moreover, these optical scopes are more durable, weather-resistant, have an improved field of view, and provide greater eye comfort when compared to their previous models. Advancements like these have changed the way we used to operate guns and have eased up their use through adequate R&D.

Rifles are mostly used for long-range shooting and hunting as these guns can host a lot of different accessories that improve your aim and the outcomes by many folds. In case you are handling guns for the first time, remember to gear up adequately and learn to handle guns safely before you use any firearm. This is necessary as malfunctions while using guns can occur that may cause injuries and relevant issues without adequate knowledge.


These firearms come in a variety of different form factors and models out of which the most popular ones are single-shot, semi-automatic, double-barreled, and automatic handguns. A majority of handguns use 9mm caliber ammunition and are considered to be the standard for most gun manufacturers. A handgun can be easily concealed on the body or can be placed in accessible areas.

Most people buying a gun for personal defense prefer a handgun due to its compact nature, lightweight, and accuracy. Holding and operating a handgun might not be that difficult when compared to bigger weapons. However, maintaining an adequate posture, keeping your muscles in tune, and shooting rounds while keeping the hands far from the face is just as important as well. Doing this is necessary as the recoil from the handgun or the flames coming from the barrel while shooting can easily result in further injuries.

When shooting, keep an angle of 45 degrees so that you and everyone else stay safe. Besides getting different types of handguns, most firearm enthusiasts also go for complete custom-made handguns with high-tech accessories that make the firearm speak for itself.

No matter the type of gun you choose, handling the firearm safely should be given utmost importance as ignorance can cause damage that can become fatal. For starters, always treat the firearm as if it were loaded and never pull the trigger when you are not aiming. Moreover, keep the finger off the trigger at all times except when shooting to avert any kind of issue. There are still a lot of gun types to discuss as we have barely scratched the surface. Before you go and choose to buy a gun, remember to understand your requirements and research the market thoroughly so that you can make a decision that is best suited for you.

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