The Different Styles of Women’s Blazers

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When you think about women’s blazers, you probably think winter and the cold. However, the good news is that you can wear a blazer throughout the whole year. Blazers have a place in your wardrobe, apart from under thick winter coats. Different styles of blazers from Suitably are appropriate for different seasons. (Image Credit: Olive LA)

Therefore blazers are so versatile that you could wear them for either a casual or formal look. They also elevate your mundane outfits. There are many options that you could choose, to wear to your office or any other kind of function. These blazer styles include;

1. The leather blazer

A leather blazer is an article that should be in your closet. They are versatile and classic women’s blazers that will give your outfit a certain edge. You can wear this blazer to work by pairing it together with a pair of fitted trousers. You can also wear it casually by pairing it with combat boots or jeans. To make it more versatile, ensure that the leather blazer is fitting. Going for a baggier fit will make your blazer to be only convenient for non-formal wear.

2. The cape blazer

A cape blazer is the ultimate formal blazer. It is very sophisticated, and you can pair it with a dressy blouse, an official skirt, and pants, as well as a dress. This means that you can comfortably incorporate this kind of blazer into your office looks as well as your formal events kooks.

As the name gives, it has a cape-like design, which makes it seem like you have just draped this blazer on your shoulders. Additionally, you could add this blazer to a casual outfit and take it from boring to chic instantly.

3. The single-breasted blazer

A single-breasted blazer is buttoned up in the middle and is a wardrobe essential for any woman. It comes in a classic style, and you can either dress it up or down, depending on what you pair it with. You can wear it to the office with a formal skirt, pants or shirt for a professional look. You could also pair them with a dress or jeans, to achieve more of a smart casual look.

4. The colorful blazer

Currently, blazers are available in a wide variety of colors. This is advantageous because it makes them more classy and versatile. Colorful blazers do an excellent job of bringing together a work outfit, and most women go for this kind of blazer rather than the classic short blazer. To ensure that you get maximum use out of your blazer, choose a color that will go with most of your outfits, for instance, a tan blazer.

5. The peplum blazer

This blazer is gorgeous because of the curve at the bottom. This curve makes it feminine, and it is perfect for accentuating your waist. If you don’t have a curvy frame, then you will fall for this type of blazer. You could wear it with a flared skirt to create a curvier illusion. Also, you could wear it with straight-leg pants or a dress. Adding a heel to go with this blazer will complete your outfit.

6. The lace blazer

Lace blazers bring a new meaning to class, and with their feminine elegance, they can easily pull together any of your outfits. It is an eye-catching blazer that tends to be worn with formal outfits. However, you can also wear it on a casual day. Depending on the color and cut of your blazer, you could also pair it with T-shirts, denim skirts, and skinny jeans.

Add these stylish women’s blazers to your wardrobe to take away the mundanity of your outfits, and you will look forward to dressing up every day.

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