The Difference between Real and Fake Moldavite

The Difference between Real and Fake Moldavite #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #moldavite #moldavitemarket #moldaviteglass #moldavitestone #fakemoldavite #realmoldavite #fakemoldavite
The Difference between Real and Fake Moldavite #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #moldavite #moldavitemarket #moldaviteglass #moldavitestone #fakemoldavite #realmoldavite #fakemoldavite

With increased market demand in recent years, real and fake products have invaded the Moldavite market.  Fake Moldavite gets manufactured. However, the real one is natural. The market currently is plagued with different types of Moldavite, which come as raw, polished, and in cut forms. (Image Credit: Devanath/Pixabay)

Individuals who don’t know much about this glass end up buying fake products. This article is here to differentiate between a real Moldavite from a fake one. Read till the end.

1. What is Moldavite?

In simple terms, Moldavite is is a form of glass. It is created by terrestrial silica fuses with heat and pressure. Found in forest green, olive green, or blue-greenish color, natural Moldavite formed around 15 million years ago from meteorite impact. This impact probably in southern Germany. Over time, Moldavite has become rare. As such, the prices have risen significantly, making it scarce and unaffordable. The demand has also created ways for fake glasses, challenging to distinguish from the original ones. These glasses can be transparent or translucent, and you can differentiate them by looking at their worm-like additions of lechatelierite. They are used to making jewelry, both in their natural or faceted form and during meditation to connect with other worlds.

2. Origin of Moldavite

According to scientists, Moldavite stones were created millions of years ago when a meteorite collided with the earth. Also known as Vitalin locally, a Moldavite crystal was found in Moldau River Valley, Czech Republic. Its online market is overflowing with mostly fake Moldavite. However, you can find original Moldavite in genuine online stores. What is required is go to their website and make an inquiry of the same to avoid getting a counterfeit. Some dealers have also been fooled about getting original Moldavite. Unfortunately, they try hard to dispose of the stock. It would help if you made due diligence while making purchases. There are so many ways of knowing a fake and an original Moldavite, which we will discuss in the next subtopic.

3. How to Differentiate Between a Real and a Fake Moldavite

Several clues can make you believe a certain Moldavite is original or fake. Some of these clues include:

  • Colour: An original Moldavite is olive green in color, which changes from pale to translucent and has varying hues of forest green with some having brown streaks. Some of the Moldavite contains gas bubbles formed during formation. Bubbles are a good indicator that you are buying a real Moldavite. 
  • Size: A real Moldavite is small and costs a lot. The fake ones come with larger sizes and got low prices, making them look unnatural. One should worry if a large piece is available for a low price. 
  • Finish: Counterfeit Moldavite is always smooth and shiny, as a result of having a molten glass. When you look them closely, you might see seams of the mold. If these features are visible, you should avoid buying them as they are fake. Real ones contain rough surfaces with invisible seams.
  • Place of origin: Any Moldavite that doesn’t come from the Czech Republic is fake. Companies that sell this product should come from or should show certification that they received their product from the Czech Republic. Any other place of origin should give you a clue that you aren’t buying the original products. African Moldavite is also not the original Moldavite. No one should convince you that they are of the same type.
  • Mode of manufacture: When the packaging states manufactured, lab-created or synthetic, just know you are dealing with a fake Moldavite. Real Moldavite has no synthetic composition. Neither manufactured or made in a lab, it is pure and natural. Its design needs no changes or additions. 

4. Instinctive Cues

If you aren’t sure about the looks, you should consult your instincts to determine if you are buying real or fake Moldavite. Its energy is distinctive. In fact, the stone is classified as an ascension stone by metaphysicians because it contains a high-frequency energy rate. People who have this genuine stone or are present in its environment always feel a tingling sensation, heat, and disorientation. That’s why it’s used during meditation to communicate with the outside world. 

We hope the above Moldavite information has helped you figure out an original and a fake Moldavite. With people looking for easy money, they have come up with counterfeit replicates to dupe you. Please do not fall into their trap—use tips in this article to get a real Moldavite. You can also check on online stores to purchase the same. Ensure you check on their reviews and authenticity before making purchases. 

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