The Best Places to Install Your Home Sauna

The Best Places to Install Your Home Sauna #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #homesauna #staycation #waterprooffloor #lifeofluxury
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It’s undeniable: the convenience of a home sauna brings all the health benefits right to you. But where will you put it? Sauna technology has come a long way. Your sauna is just a room designed to make you sweat! And with a little planning, you can install your own personal sauna and live the lifestyle you want from the comfort of your own home.

So, whether you want to put in a sauna for your health, relaxation, or even as a way to socialize, here are the four best places you should consider.

1. Your Master Bathroom Sanctuary

Saunas have long been associated with cleansing. If you have a large master bathroom, you may want to consider putting your personal home sauna in the most intimate part of your house. Add it to your daily self-care and detoxification routine. Sweat off the stress of the day before taking a cool shower and relaxing for the evening.

Smaller personal saunas make it easy to create a quiet space for your alone time. Or, if you have about 30 square feet of space to spare, enjoy romantic evenings with your partner and get one big enough for two!

2. Personal Spa Room

Imagine the luxury of your very own spa, in your home! Personal saunas aren’t just for the super-rich anymore. If you have a spare room in your home, why not transform it into your own personal spa retreat? Special lighting, plants, comfortable seating, essential oils, and fragrances… You can create your very own sanctuary from the stresses of the world, customized to your preferences.

3. Your Basement Hideaway

While it may seem a little out of the way, the basement is a common location for a home sauna. The lack of windows helps create an already well-insulated space. Out of the way of day-to-day life and activities, but still close enough for convenience, it can become a peaceful hidden getaway. Its indoor placement also reduces the likelihood that you’ll talk yourself out of enjoying your new self-care routine on cold, wet, and dreary days.

Instead, you will find it easy to relax year-round! And there are many ways to increase your privacy and comfort. Using walls or doors with soundproofing features will help maintain your quiet ambiance and seclusion.

And, if you decide to entertain guests, your basement probably isn’t too personal a space to want to share.

4. A Backyard Retreat

If you don’t have space inside your home, saunas can often be installed outdoors! How relaxing would it be to take an evening walk through your garden to spend time in your sauna? Want something closer? You can install one on your deck! You get the experience of leaving while staying conveniently at home. There’s no more relaxing option for your staycation. 

Do you entertain a lot? Imagine the envy of your friends, family, and colleagues when they discover your secret backyard retreat. You’ll be the most popular choice for hosting dinners and gatherings when you make it available for guests.

What to Know Before Installing Your Home Sauna

Almost any space will work for your new home sauna, providing you have access to an appropriate heat source and adequate flooring. Most saunas will need dedicated 220-240 volt hookups for their electric heaters. You don’t want to overload a circuit and have to reset the breaker in the middle of your sauna time. That wouldn’t be relaxing.

It seems obvious, but you should plan to install a waterproof floor. While saunas are associated with dry heat, you’ll sweat a lot. Concrete or tile are ideal choices. We recommend avoiding wood floors because they can trap odor-causing bacteria and aren’t as hygienic. You don’t want your personal spa to smell like sweaty feet.

You’ll find most saunas use cedar paneling because it holds up so well under wet conditions. It’s also good at repelling insects, which has extra benefits if you’re using an outdoor installation

You’ll also want to plan for low ceilings. The ideal range, under 7 feet, helps maximize your heating efficiency. Vents will help keep temperatures comfortable and release extra heat. The good news is, that these vents don’t require ducts. Cut-outs leading to nearby rooms or the outdoors are usually sufficient.

Options for Every Lifestyle

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for where to install your home sauna. It really comes down to personal preference, space, and lifestyle. For personal use, a small sauna in your private bathroom may be more than sufficient. There’s no need to impress when it’s your little secret. 

But if you’re inclined to share and socialize, a spa room, basement getaway, or backyard retreat may be just what you’re looking for. With so many options to choose from, you don’t need to wait until you can afford your mansion. Live the life of luxury today.

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