The Best Modern Interior Design Trends From Beverly Hills Homes 

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The contemporary homes of Beverly Hills are often characterized as archetypes of the now, with the area famous for redress by architects, landscape designers, and interior decorating specialists. In a suburb brimming with creatives, storytellers, and style-setters, Beverly Hills homes often showcase the latest in-room design trends. Nationwide, the interior design industry experienced a recent downturn due to pandemic mandated restrictions and slowed consumer spending. However, the relatively stable nature of discretionary purchasing in the Beverly Hills area shows that the local interior decorating industry continues to thrive. Here’s a short 2022 portfolio of Beverly Hills-inspired sartorial style updates for hearth and home.

Sensorial Styling

The earth isn’t bland in its palette, and neither is 2022’s zest for nature-inspired hues. Kishani Perrara, an interior designer for celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Rachel Bilson, and Harry Styles, confirms this, saying that her clients don’t want a beige room. Current color and design inspirations reject stark white minimalism or neutrality, in favor of rich shades hewn from earthy landscapes. Felt surfaces, furniture, and other objects de jour are also taken from the natural world. Furnishings may be sensually curved like waves or beachscapes and incorporate woods, stones, and other materials that remind homeowners of the beauty of nature. Aligned with a strengthened connection to the natural world is the practice of incorporating eco-conscious sensory objects into everyday spaces. The simple table addition of the best soy candles can spark creativity, stimulate pleasant memories, or invite a sense of calm and relaxation. Using soy candles is also better for the environment since they’re toxin-free and made from natural ingredients.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Many Beverly Hills homes are already inhabited by art pieces, though their display may be disordered, or even obscured. Today’s interior design trends aim to create fluidity between idiosyncratic art choices and their environments so that the individuality of home dwellers is celebrated. That quirky collection of travel mementos, stuffed animals, or crockery, is now being brought to the foreground as a design feature of your mantle or bookcase as a celebrated expression of your own personality.

Functional Beauty

In the past several years, home offices superseded their multi-functionality as spare or storage rooms and became permanent fixtures. The realities of spending and sharing more time in our homes have culminated in interior design ethics that focus both on the seamless integration of functioning workspaces, and quality workmanship of all interior construction that you can afford.
Lynda Murray, founder of interior design firm Lmid, and whose work for Lisa Rinna led to a recent appearance on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” reflects on the call for collaboration and seeking out the world’s best vendors, artisans, and contractors. Murray says, “It is one thing to design and draw something exceptionable. It’s an entirely different task to understand how to build it and have it be fully functionable.” 2022 interior design trends as displayed in Beverly Hills home redos are about contracting the right people for the job at hand and investing in quality and expertise.
Ease of homework/life balance, encouraging nature into the domestic, prioritizing healthy and sustainable products, along with indulging in our artistic preferences, all share pride of place in 2022’s interior design modes, as influenced by Beverly Hills interior design specialists. Increased movement in the outside world, it seems, continues to inspire a revived interest in our own indoor spaces.
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