The Best Events Suitable For Hosting Foam Parties

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Want to know the best events suitable for hosting foam parties?

Perhaps you are wondering if all events are suitable for hosting foam parties.

Or you have an upcoming event and would like to know if it is suitable to host it as a foam party?

In this post, you will be learning the best events suitable for hosting foam parties so, you wouldn’t make the mistake of hosting a foam party with the wrong event.

But first, What is a Foam Party?

In Considering the best events suitable for hosting foam parties, it is important to understand what foam parties are.

A foam party is an event in which the participants have fun covered in several feet of bubbles dispensed from a foam machine.

Just like any other party; a birthday party, graduation party, etc, with music, food, drink, and guests around. But this time, the event is filled with artificial foams that are non-toxic, from a foam pumping machine.

Bear in mind that the foam can stack as high as 6 feet and cover an area as large as 40×40 feet! And are usually non-allergic, easy to clean up, and environmentally friendly foam.

Factors to Consider in Deciding Events Suitable for hosting Foam Parties

Although foam parties are often synonymous with adult-oriented events at nightclubs, just about any event can be improved with the addition of a few foam machines.

Here are a few factors to bear in mind when considering hosting your events as a foam party

Central Idea of the party: Considering the nature of foam parties and the central idea of having fun, it is important therefore to consider the kind of event you are hosting, as well as the expected guest (age and number of party-goers) at the event.

If the central idea is to have fun, relax and enjoy the moment, then the event could be considered suitable for hosting a foam party.

Consider The Venue of your Event: You would want to consider the available venue for your event. Consider the water resistance of the party hall/room. This will help you decide if the event can be hosted as a foam party or not.

Weather conditions: The easiest and most logical solution would be to hold the party outdoors, during the summertime.

However, you will, of course, need to find a suitable indoor venue, during colder months, as wet or damp conditions coupled with cold weather make for a miserable party.

Now let us consider the best events suitable for hosting foam parties.

Best Events Suitable for Hosting Foam Parties.

Everyone loves foam bubbles produced by foam party machines. The idea is to spice up your event and have big fun.

Here are a few events suitable for hosting foam parties.

Kid Parties/Events:

Birthday parties are one of the best events suitable for hosting a kid foam party in Beverly Hills. It is perfect for birthday celebrations for all ages since the central idea is to have fun, relax, and be celebrated.

School Events:

You can Customize your school party for grads, or choose a pink/blue foam for a gender reveal party!

Daycare Centers

Halloween Parties

College Parties and Events


Adult or Special Events:

If you are looking for fun for your furry friends or looking for a creative party idea for your office consider hosting a foam party.

Adults events suitable for hosting a foam party includes;

church festival events,

fundraising events,

corporate events,

university functions, and

professional concert events.

Summer Camps


Company picnics etc

Frequently Asked Foam Party Questions

Will The Foam Solution Harm Kids, Clothes, Pets, or Landscaping?

The foam solution is a foaming agent that makes bubbles with no additives for scent or cleaning. The foam solution is biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic; it will not harm your guests, kids, skin, clothes, pets, or lawns.

Can Foam Machines be used with other Inflatables such as Bounces, Slides, slip?

Actually, traditional combination bounce houses make a great addition to foam machines. When used with a dry or wet slide creates a great added attraction.

However, care should be taken when entering and exiting bounces once they become wet. If it is a children’s party, an adult attendant should be present at all times to monitor the activities.

Will Guests Get Wet at The Foam Party?

Yes, the guest will get wet, but not as wet as a slip and slide, wet slide, or a pool.

Foam Party Outfit?

It is recommended that you consider wearing swimming suits or sportswear to foam parties. This is because, depending on how long you stay in the foam, foam parties are usually damp or wet.


Any event can be considered suitable for hosting foam parties, one has to factor in the central idea of the event and the nature of the guest being invited.

One wouldn’t expect a presidential inaugural event hosted as a foam party. So, the nature of the event and the central idea remains key factor to consider when considering events suitable for hosting foam parties.

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