The Benefits of a Degree for Veterans

Degrees and the Military – What You Need to Know #military #veteran college

After serving, it could be difficult for a veteran to know what to do next, especially as adjusting to normal life is far removed from life in the military. That being said, veterans have developed many real-life skills, and after retiring, pursuing a higher education could be a great way to put those skills to use. But are there any benefits? This piece will discuss the benefits of a degree for veterans but also the advantages of having been a veteran while studying a degree. (Image Credit: Benjamin Faust/Unsplash)

“There are plenty of transferable skills that are developed in the military, just waiting to be introduced and utilized in civilian life”

Degrees Can Help Veterans Adjust to Civilian Life

There may be little need to drive a tank in civilian life; however, that does not mean that this particular experience goes to waste as soon as a veteran retires from the military. There are plenty of transferable skills that are developed while in the military and undertaking a degree can help solidify these skills into something more tangible in regular life. For example, if there has been an experience in commanding a unit, then taking on a business management degree might turn that previous experience into something solid for a transition into the business world.

Online college for veterans is an excellent option to pursue a degree while managing around other commitments. There are excellent courses to choose from that can help veterans adjust back into civilian life and benefit from the experience that was gained in the military.

You could also find veteran consultants who specialize in helping veterans with anything from navigating the VA Claims process to looking for employment and adjusting to a new career. Do a quick online search for veteran consultant and you will easily find plenty of veterans helping other veterans in the same boat as you. Not only can they help with the educational side of things, but they could also provide some much-needed moral support during difficult times.

“Have a look at what finance options are available for those in the military or retired veterans for undertaking a degree!”

Funding for Degrees When in the Military

Education is expensive, that is no secret, but when it comes to the military, there are some unique benefits that can be used to help finance a degree. For example, if someone in service suffered from a service-related injury, they may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and employment, a program that helps veterans and service members with tasks such as employment accommodation, job seeking, and other useful assistance. There are also options for scholarships for veterans too, from the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.coo

 “Those who undertake a degree can earn important advantages”

Degrees Can Increase Quality of Life

Those who undertake a degree can often experience the benefits of increased quality of life. For example, positions that require a degree often offer important advantages such as health insurance through work and pension benefits. It is also much easier to climb the socioeconomic ladder after completing a degree, which can give those with children more time with the family and also influence healthier lifestyles, and with that, reduced health care costs.

There is also much better earning potential for those who complete a degree, and military experience can definitely boost earning potential too in the way of experience and an additional skillset.

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