IPhone 5s – Are the Rumors True?


In mid 2007 there was a day in history that the world of technology will never forget. It was a day when an invention was released into the world and had an impact so powerful, that people would stand in lines and wait for days just to get their hands on the new I Phone gadget. It truly was a magnificent prototype and with the passage of time Apple kept on giving, with bigger, better and stronger specs. Every time a new IPhone hit the market, its competitors hoped it won’t be as successful as its predecessors but each time they were wrong and the I Phone sales has just continued to break records.

With the huge success of the IPhone 5, rumors are already started to leak out about the IPhone 5s .These  reports got back up when Tim Cook ( CEO of Apple ) announced in the Apple’s earning caller few days back that the company is not interested in talking about any projects until later this year. The first ‘S’ type iPhone was the 3GS, ‘S ‘for speed with the iPhone 3GS and then ‘S’ for Siri with the iPhone 4S. So hopefully if the tech giants break the pattern we can expect an A7 chip , enhanced processor or may be even an improved camera .

Speculation to the camera is already backed up by the fact that technology giant, Apple is rumored to be sourcing 12mp camera parts from Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong which will feature a HD camera and taking pictures in low light conditions. Moreover, Macotakara –Japanese Apple news site is claiming that Apple is seriously considering increasing its color options for the IPhone 5s just like it has pushed various color variants for the IPod Touch. The China Times reported that a ‘Touch On Display’ panel is being introduced by Taiwanese supplier Innolux with a 10 point multi-touch and a 0.5mm thickness. It is suggested that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is making the all new Apple’s A7 chip which might have a quad-core processor.

Technology-Apple-Iphone-5s-Iphone-5-Gold-Hi-Fi-Tech-World-Tech-Giants-Luxury-Goods-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-2Apple shocked the entire world when they announced the Ipad 4 and Ipad mini just after few months the release of the Ipad 3, so who knows with Apple. But it has officially happened; the I-Phone 5s has been released. The shape of the IPhone dynamically changed just once and that was when Apple jumped from the IPhone 3GS to the IPhone 4, so there are no strong reports claiming that there would any change to the upcoming mobile phone, which there are not. Up till now every new IPhone was equipped with a new and improved version of iOS and with the IPhone 4S, the company even included the I Cloud. So people should expect that Apple would integrate iOS 7 with the I Phone 5s. It incorporated more design and lay-out changes with the iOS 7, and some new incredible new advances in technology.

One thing if for sure better processor or not, Apple really needs to step up the game after the Samsung’s SIV and HTC’s ONE, which are dominating the competition alongside the IPhone 5 but we all know that Apple always wants to be in the spotlight alone. I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

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