Survive the Summer With Family in Long Island

There are tons to see and do and enjoy as you and your family set up a home in Long Island for the summer.

Summer is an exciting time. The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and everyone seems to walk around with an extra pep in their step. This season also offers you the opportunity to take vacations and explore new areas of the country. Some families may even spend extended periods of time in a different place to really get away from reality for a bit. Perhaps you’re looking forward to taking the time to spend the whole summer with family in Long Island.

There’s a long-standing tradition of wealthy New Yorkers relocating to the Hamptons in Long Island for the summer. This is a great excuse to get away from the hustle of the city while enjoying great outdoor activities for the whole family. Of course, that isn’t the only area to enjoy on the island. There are tons to see and do and enjoy as you and your family set up a home there for the summer. Here are a few suggestions for surviving the summer with your whole family in Long Island.

Plan Activities For All Ages

A family vacation is much different than going on a girls’ trip or a romantic getaway. You have family members of all ages to consider and accommodate. While you and your partner may be interested in going on a wine tour or visiting an art garden, that may not be the ideal place for a toddler or teenager. As you’re setting up an itinerary, plan activities for all ages. You don’t even have to go too far to make this happen.

Contact companies that can bring you an inflatable water slide rental or a bounce house for a fun Saturday afternoon. These aren’t your average small inflatable water slides either. They can be completely themed in different colors and exciting for any celebration from birthday parties to carnival nights for young kids. Make a reservation to create a memorable party with fun activities for all ages.

Beat the Heat with Plenty of Time Out on the Water

Summers in NYC can be hot and muggy. What better place to be than an island? There are plenty of fun water activities to participate in from the pool to the beach while in Long Island. Work on beating the heat by jumping right in. You also want to be sure you’re kiddos are protected with life jackets and life vests when needed.

From the best infant life jacket to toddler inflatables to flotation devices for teens and adults, you can be sure everyone is covered in the event of an emergency. Find an infant life jacket that offers neck support for your newborn and has straps and zippers that can’t come undone. By offering mesh and foam support, you are helping keep everyone safe in style.

Be Prepared for Any First Aid Needs

Safety should always come first, especially on a big family trip. Be prepared and pack whatever first aid or medical equipment you could need. This will give you extra peace of mind that everyone is safe and sound throughout your vacation rental home. Perhaps you want to go above and beyond and even get a certificate in some basic methods like CPR.

A quick online CPR course will help you learn at your own pace and be prepared in case of an emergency. You can review what to do if anyone in your family has an issue while swimming on the open water or enjoying a meal at home. While you may not need these advanced safety features, it’s a great choice for your family to feel safe during the summer.

Secure Professional and Reliable Transportation

Whether it is for your entire family, getting to and from the airport in comfort and safety, for a quick shopping trip to the city, a wine tour at the wonderful local Vineyards or a quiet night out with your family or loved one, it is important to have a reliable ground transportation provider like Islip Limo that can be reached at any time and you can count on to deliver flawless service. This will make your entire summer vacation a lot less stressful. You don’t need to be concerned about who’s driving you, your loved ones or your guests and you can just enjoy the time off.

Explore Long Island’s Fun Summer Activities

A city like Long Island knows that people are going to be flocking there for the summer. Therefore, they have all sorts of exciting events and opportunities for the family to check out. From concerts under the stars to beach day fun to sharing an Italian ice cream at the local carnival, there’s plenty to do and see throughout the island. Review some options and create an itinerary that everyone will love while on vacation.

Have Fun But Establish a Routine

Summer is great, but it can be hard to go back to real life when you’re living without any rules all summer. Especially on an extended trip, it can be beneficial to establish a bit more of a routine. Things like limiting screen time, having family dinners at the same time every night, and having set weekly activities will help establish some positive routines during your trip.

Prioritize Some Time for Yourself

As the planner of the family, it’s natural to feel the pressure to make everything go off without a hitch. You want to be there creating fun memories and magical moments for everyone. However, this can easily get exhausting for you. Remember that it is okay to take some time for you and prioritize the things you want every once in a while as well.

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