Five Ways to Surprise a Long-Distance Partner

 Five Ways to Surprise a Long-Distance Partner #long-distance #long-distancepartner #long-distancerelationship #surpriseyourloverdones #gifthamper #lovenotes
 Five Ways to Surprise a Long-Distance Partner #long-distance #long-distancepartner #long-distancerelationship #surpriseyourloverdones #gifthamper #lovenotes

Even in this modern digital age, it can be challenging to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships. So, check out the following five ways to surprise your loved one to keep the flame burning bright. (Image Credit: Omar Medina Films/Pixabay)

Send a Loving Gift Hamper

Imagine how thrilled your partner would be to receive a gift hamper full of tasty treats! Hearing a knock on the door and opening it to find a basket full of goodies is sure to be a welcome surprise. Furthermore, at Hampers With Bite, you can choose from a wide variety of hampers to ensure you choose the most appropriate partner. The selections include feminine gift hampers, gourmet gift baskets, and everything in between.

Make Your Partner Laugh with a Personalized E-card

E-cards have moved with the times, so you can now make them more personal than ever. And one of the best ways to surprise a long-distance partner is to make them laugh. So, use a personalized e-card platform on which you can place your face onto a variety of humorous card designs. For instance, you could put your face onto a man or woman doing a cheesy striptease. It’s essential you keep the laughs coming when you’re in a long-distance relationship, and a simple thing like sending humorous e-cards is a great way of doing that.

Be a True Romantic

Yes, sending flowers is somewhat clichéd. But that doesn’t change just how welcomed they will be by your partner. The classic gesture of sending flowers never goes out of style. And these days, plenty of men will be glad to receive a bunch of flowers as much as women. Bouquets are the perfect “just because” gift. You don’t need to reserve sending them to celebrate a special occasion. Sending cheerful and fragrant flowers any-old-time simply lets your partner know you love him or her, and they are sure to put a smile on your long-distance partner’s face.

Share Happy Snaps

You’re sure to have photographs of you and your partner experiencing good times. And by simply sharing those photos with your loved one, you are guaranteed to make him, or her feel happy. However, just sending pictures via email isn’t much of a surprise, so think outside the box. One option is to create an online photobook. But it will be more of a surprise if you can send something through the mail. Consider creating a handmade photo album that tracks the times you’ve spent together, or have your photos professionally printed onto items like calendars, mugs, and canvasses. 

Speak from the Heart with Love Notes

Throughout the centuries, love notes have been used to show a declaration of love. And even in this digital age, love notes are still a romantic gesture that is sure to surprise your partner. You’ll need to make your notes more personal than simple emails, though. A handwritten love note speaks volumes, so you could either handwrite love notes and send them in the mail, or scan them and send them digitally. As for the content of the notes, you don’t have to be as poetic as Shelley. The important thing is to speak from your heart.

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