Music Superstar ROXANNA

Music Superstar ROXANNA
Music Superstar ROXANNA

The lovely Canadian born music superstar ROXANNA discovered her path to stardom in a very unusual way. As a young girl she always loved to sing, as it was her natural gift, but as she grew older she gave in to society’s pressure to pursue a traditional career. She became a registered nurse. As her journey continued, and she cared for patients, one day she was simply humming a beautiful melody, when a dying man asked her to sing for him. (Photo Credit Jack Guy)

 She did…She witnessed firsthand the power of music. She realized her soothing voice could transform people’s hearts; it could lift their spirits and heal their bodies. That dying man lived.

 Catapulted to fame by her hit single, “Unforgotten,” singer/songwriter Roxanna embodies a revitalizing vision of contemporary music with a smooth and undoubtedly authentic sound.  Displaying a refreshingly genuine and powerful intermingling of velvety ballads paired with uplifting pop anthems, the songbird’s debut album, Exotica seamlessly offers a soulful devotion to lost love and music’s power to heal.

 Influenced by some of the industry’s most renowned Latin and pop artists, including Julio Iglesias and Christina Aguilera, the Canadian-based sensation’s freshman album features a robust accompaniment of intricate string orchestration, soulful jazz, and zesty Spanish and flamenco beats that delight the musical palettes of industry powerhouses and everyday music-lovers alike.  Sharing a passionate testament of strength, healing, and hope, Roxanna’s sound is unique and her story is raw.

Music Superstar ROXANNA
Music Superstar ROXANNA

The album’s Latin-infused, “Unforgotten,” previews Roxanna’s purposeful yet sensuous vibe with her electrifying sound – shown in the single’s video, featuring soap heart throb, James Scott.  Earning rightful limelight, the bourgeoning star has recently announced collaboration with music icon, Jermaine Jackson.  Labeled a “pop perfection,” Exotica invites listeners on an intimate journey of reflection and provides a flawless blend of emotional narrative and impressive vocal, instrumental, and style variety.

 We spoke to this emerging music superstar to learn more about the beauty behind her ballads and to find out what her fans can look forward to in the album “EXOTICA” available now.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What does your music represent?

 ROXANNA: It represents love, hope, and forgiveness. We all face circumstances where we lose someone we love; whether through death or break-ups. Some of the songs are powerfully relatable to these life situations. Some will even bring you to tears. The album also has a pop, flamenco flare which gives it a very romantic feeling too with lovely smooth jazz elements as well. My music is for people of all ages, all over the world.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an artist?

 ROXANNA: When my mother was dying in 2013, I was doing the album, and having to travel back and forth to LA and Canada. The experience was so hard for me. Losing my mother was one of the most difficult experiences of my life, yet from it, has come my greatest inspiration. “Beautiful Rose” is a song I wrote in honor of her. Her death stopped me in my tracks, but I knew she wanted me to push on, which gave me strength to pursue my dream with all the more determination. I’m only sorry I had to send it to her in Heaven. And “Here With Me,” featuring trumpeter Chris Botti, is based on a poetry book that my dad gave my mom some 44 years ago. My mother marked her favorites by placing a rose or a stamp or some keepsake between the pages. I took verses from her most beloved poems and translated them from Farsi into English, and made them into songs.

Music Superstar ROXANNA

Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

 ROXANNA: I would tell them to have a few options to fall back on, because succeeding in this business is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and connections that take time to build. I think it’s important to have an educational background as well. Go for your dream, don’t make excuses. Most importantly dedicate yourself to your music and write your own songs. Don’t give up.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What makes an artist successful?

 ROXANNA: One who believes in themselves has the greatest chance of success. You have to trust yourself. Those who have no doubts that they will succeed and who go for the big dream, usually achieve it. You have to wish it, to be it.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What is the inspiration for the “EXOTICA” album?

 ROXANNA: My life story inspired this album. It’s a very personal album, and I used my own instrument, my voice, to express my feelings. Spain is also a huge inspiration for this album. When I visited Spain and watched the Flamenco dancers, I fell in love with their passion. I felt they put all their strength of spirit into their artistic creation, their performance. It was sensational. I always get inspiration from beautiful settings and views, from all over the world.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Why is music an important part of life?

ROXANNA: We all have pasts and different backgrounds, but music carries a message that can change the way any person feels. It’s a powerful way of communication. You don’t have to understand the language of the song, to be able to understand the language of music. It’s a universal language.

ROXANNA is a one of a kind music superstar who has taken all her heart and soul and is sharing it all with the world in her new album, “EXOTICA.” With stories of love and loss, of hope and forgiveness; she powerfully conveys life’s greatest emotions through her music. Your spirit will be brought to life by the sounds of her voice, filled with strength, beauty, and passion. ROXANNA has all the makings of a true music superstar.

Buy the album today on iTunes and become a fan on or visit her official website or follow her on Twitter @RoxannaMusic today.

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