Stylish Sedan: The Bentley Flying Spur

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Stylish Sedan: The Bentley Flying Spur #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bentleyflyingspur #bentley #2020flyingspur #poshcars #stylishcars #stylishsedan #luxurycars #fastcars #dreamcars #vipcars #coolcars #carmagazine #cars #popularcarmagazine

The Bentley Flying Spur model builds on a history of luxury cars, and the latest model will have no exemption. It borrows from a modern platform of proven luxury cars like the Continental GT, where the stylish sedan draws features and sporting cues.

The new Bentley Flying Spur will be the third generation for the model. It will mark a new chapter of styling as the model undergo a full ground-up redesign, which introduces a new posh car. However, it will have a larger grille and headlights like those of the Continental GT.

Performance of the New Stylish Sedan.

Bentley stuffed the bonnet of this stylish sedan with a W12 engine, capable of producing cruising power of 626 hp and 663 pounds-feet of torque. Also, the output is enough to glide the imposing sedan like soap on a bathtub.

The new Flying Spur is an all-wheel-drive luxury car with more agility because of system reconfiguration. Even so, the posh car turns to the rear-wheel-drive depending on circumstances. For example, it sends all the torque to the rear when there is slippage on the front wheels.

Bentley adds two more systems to aid and improve Spur’s handiness. These include the 48-volt adaptive anti-roll bars that checkmate body roll. Likewise, the stylish sedan uses the rear-wheel steering to enhance stability when cruising on high velocity.

The car features a ZF eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission like that of Continental GT. Without flinching, the system delivers conventional transmission befitting the Spur. Indeed, the icing on the cakes has to be 3.6 seconds that the model takes to sprint from zero to 60 mph.

The Interior and Exterior of Bentley Stylish Sedan

The interior designing process of Flying Spur is more of a partnership, where Bentley crafts and you personalize. To bring you up to speed with this tailoring process, they have a feature called configurator. Here, the feature helps you configure the cabin to specific tastes and preferences.

Bentley designers preserved the brand’s luxury styling and incorporated modern tech features. They mounted a remote-controlled touchscreen near the center console. Thus, allowing rear occupants to make adjustments without bothering the driver. They can open or close windows, alter the cabin’s climate, and turn on the back seat massage function. Plus, the truck offers a generous space for your luggage.

As part of the infotainment system, the posh car displays a 12.3-inch touchscreen on the dashboard. Passengers will enjoy a Wi-Fi hotspot, Spur’s Apple CarPlay integration, and a 10-speaker audio system. Besides, it’s upgradeable at an extra cost, and the options are a 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen or a 19-speaker Naim system.

The exterior flair of Flying Spur remains distinct and beautiful as a Bentley. It comes with 17 colors, and each complements the body styling. To give you more authority, they have 13 more optional colors for your styling.

Bentley posh car stands on a 21-inch ten twin-spoke alloy wheels, and they are available in two exclusive finishes. Besides, the Mulliner Driving Specification hands you another option of a 22-inch wheel with two finishes. Both give a proportion balance and unique character matching the stylish sedan.

Selling Price

The MSRP of Bentley Flying Spur is $217,375. It does not come cheap, but the craftsmanship behind the new ultra-modern sedan is worth the price.

Final Remarks

Though Bentley allows you to configure, the cabin styling still highlights supremacy that only a few carmakers can match. The detailing will grab your attention, but somehow they resemble those beautiful designs of the Continental GT. Well, there are somehow different, since the Spur comes with rectangular-shaped air vents, while the GT’s are round and bull eye-like.

Moreover, the new sedan model will take over from Mulsanne after the model was retired. Bentley will waste no time mourning one of their legendary models. Instead, the carmaker wants the new Flying Spur model to fill the void as the new ultra-modern sedan.

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