Stylish Man Style

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When you go out, you want to look in style and put together. That’s what this stylish man style will do for you. You will find the high fashion catches eyes. And the creativity and vigor of this look will have you feeling on top of the world.

First, start with a classic white collar shirt. You will find that you can wear this one after work hours. The casual twist with the patterning on this shirt designates it after hours friendly.

Then, put on a black leather jacket. Not only will you keep warm but you will also exude an effortless air of mystery. Black leather jackets are beautiful pieces of clothing to own. Shop for one from a fashion blog or fashion magazine today.

Next, put on some dark red leather pants. Because, why not? Fashion should be fun and the fashion world is full of creative outfits that you can be wearing. These pants will get attention just like a red sports car does.

Finally, you’ll need leather boots. This no lace slip on version works well with the outfit to dress it up. This is a must have from the fashion world. Get boots that you could walk miles in and still be comfortable.

Next, you need a watch. How else is a busy man like yourself able to uphold your burgeoning schedule? Keep it all together and add some bling to your wrist all at the same time.

Additionally, you will need sunglasses. You never know when it will get sunny out during the day. Your eyes are your assets. Get a pair of sunglasses like these ones that never really goes out of style. Black framed sunglasses really are a timeless addition to your shopping cart.

Then, make sure you have a wallet. This one sided slider keeps all your cards in one spot. You can look for ones with a hint of color like the one pictured.


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