Styles for Creative Makeup: 10 Different Looks

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Looking to try a new makeup look? Whether you are an artist or not, there is always something new and exciting that you can do with your makeup. That’s why it’s necessary to keep up with the latest trends to create stunning looks for every occasion. If you’re hunting for some inspiration, check out this post below!

In this blog post, we will cover different types of makeup for artists who wear quirky styles themselves. This includes everything from natural chic looks to glamorous smoky eye looks. The goal of these styles is simply to have fun with different looks and experiment with what works best for each person’s style preferences. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

1.Natural Look

The common makeup style most people are familiar with is the natural look. This can be achieved by using a bit of concealer in order to cover up any blemishes, mascara, and eyeliner for lashes and eyes, lip balm or gloss to moisturize lips (optional), blush on cheekbones (also optional). This style looks best when going on dates as makeup is subtle and as natural-looking as possible. For more bold looks, try using two colors: one for the eyes, one for the lip balm/gloss to make it easier to change up your style without using a lot of products every time you do makeup.

2.Glamorous Smoky Eye Look

You can achieve the glamorous smoky eye look by applying all-over color with some shimmer or sparkle on top to highlight areas that are most prominent on different people (i.e., inner corner of the eyebrow bone). This look is reminiscent of Hollywood movie stars from years ago, so if you want an old-school glamorizing appearance, this could be perfect!

3. Dramatic Look        

If you’re into more dramatic makeup looks, try toying with colors and lashes. This is a look that would be perfect for an upscale club looking to attract VIP members or for a night out on the town to turn heads! Besides, you will see this makeup style.

4. Punk Rocker Style

If punk rockers are what catch your fancy, then here’s one way for those who aren’t already rocking the mohawk and tattoos to achieve a look that is unique and eye-catching. This makeup style consists of black eyeliner, which can be used as an accessory for the eyes or worn independently with no other makeup (i.e., drawn on eyebrows).

The color can also be placed in strategic spots around the face, such as under your lower lash line. Punk makeup styles are all about outrageous colors and graphics that work for those who want to stand out from the crowd or have an outgoing personality. You can achieve this by using bright eyeshadow with black liner on top (or vice versa), bold lipsticks, and vibrant nail polish!

5. Goth Style

This popular makeup style is a bit more specific and can be seen in the likes of Amy Lee from Evanescence. It consists mainly of dark colors, including black, grey, deep purples, and greens with pops of silver to highlight certain features or draw attention to your eyes. If you admire darker makeup styles, then this style will be perfect for you!

6. Multicolored Styles

This makeup style is unique and looks great on those who want to stand out from the rest. It’s all about mixing colors that complement one another, such as lavender with pink or red with orange. When creating these blends, it’s important to use a light hand, so they don’t look too overpowering-they’re meant to add subtle color, not take over your entire face (unless that’s what you desire you’re going for). Applying foundation and powder before adding bright highlights in spots like under your eyes can also help make them pop more. You should always end by brushing some translucent setting powder over everything for a natural finish.

7. Anime makeup style

If you are going for an anime look, it’s important to keep your face as natural-looking as possible so that the makeup doesn’t overwhelm you. There is a fine line between looking like an anime character and just wearing too much makeup. A good way to start this type of makeup would be with some foundation and powder application before starting on eye shadow or eyeliner (which can already make your eyes pop). It can also help if you apply translucent setting powder over everything at the end to give it a more finished appearance. Lastly, wearing anime eye contacts will add a finishing touch to your look, so make sure you try this on quirky party nights.

8. Doll style makeup

Doll makeups are usually very bright and colorful, so the goal is to balance out that pop of color by keeping everything else pretty neutral. You can do this by applying matte or sheer lipstick in pink or nude tones as the base coat before doing anything else. Next, it’s good practice to apply white eyeshadow on top of the lids, which will give a definition without being too dark like a black liner would do. After this step, you can add any other colors from there; just keep in mind not to overdo it!

9. Half Face Makeup

This makeup style is a little bit more subtle, and the goal is to create a half-face of makeup. The best way to do this makeup is by using only one color, so it’s either going towards a bright or dark side. For example, you can use pink shades for fair skin tones, while darker skin types should try purple-based colors instead.

10. The Black Cat

This look has two goals which are both making your eyes pop as much as possible. To do that, the easiest thing would be to apply some black eyeliner on top of your lids before applying liquid liner with a brush all around them for a cat-eye effect (optional). Fill in any gaps with highlighter cream if needed and finish off with mascara!


If you want to get creative with your looks, then make sure to try these different makeup styles. Whether you are a professional or naive makeup artist, it’s always fun to learn new tricks and experiment with different styles!

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