Style Tricks to Make Your Kid Look Like a Star

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Your child’s outfit says a lot about their personality, and you want them to look like the star they are. You’ve got to think about your child’s personality before you dress them. It will bring out their true colors and make them feel confident. There are many styles for kids to wear, but the best style should be based on their personality. Here are some tips for dressing up your kid in a way that is flattering and stylish.

  • Dress Them In Color

You will notice that kids who dress in bright colors stand out more than those who don’t wear any color. Let your child stand out like the star they are in reds, yellows, and oranges. Kids love bright colors, and the right ones might improve their mood. The secret is to strike a balance. You don’t want to have them looking like a rainbow. If you dress them in bright SSENSE Versace outfits, for example, you can tone the look down with neutrals or less dramatic accessories. 

  • Age-Appropriate Clothing

Dress your kids for their age. There’s no point in dressing an eight-year-old in the latest 14-year-old trends. So, even when you want to keep up with the latest trends, make sure that your kids dress appropriately for their age. It is crucial to get the proportion right as well. If your kids are still growing, don’t buy them clothes that will swamp them. It’s a good idea to check the width measurements and the height if you’re buying online.

  • Fit Is Everything

The first step towards buying any kids’ clothing is to get the right child-size measurements. Even kids of the same age can have different measurements. Also, you’d be wise to add two inches to your child’s chest and waist measurement. This gives room for layering. You may also add 1/2 inch to the hips to give room for movement. 

  • Add a Few Extra Touches

Always add your touches to the clothing pieces you buy. Every time you go shopping with your child, let them choose one item that they have to have. They’ll love being included in the decisions about what they wear, and it saves arguments over outfits on a busy weekday morning. If you don’t like something about an outfit, you can add an extra touch by adding a few colorful buttons, changing the stitching, or adding some ruffles. 

  • Add Accessories

The best thing about accessories is that you can change up an outfit without actually changing anything. Just add a necklace, fabulous belts, scarf, or a hat to create a fresh look. Accessories are always an easy way to let a child’s style shine through.  

Lately, there has been an influx of beautiful celebrity children into the media spotlight. Whether it is Suri Cruise, Apple Martin, or the Olsen twins, not much seems out of bounds for these little fashionistas to wear when they are in the public eye. It is pretty amazing when you think about these kids actually having complete wardrobe changes in a few hours. Now, you may not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on your children’s wardrobes, but you can start to dress your kids in the same way. The above tips are a great place to start. 

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